Children at the Wedding

Boy at wedding by Emily Scannell Photography

Worried about inviting children to your wedding? My husband and I welcomed children and babies at our wedding. We even asked the religious school kids who had class at the same time as our wedding to join us (in the back of the sanctuary) for the ceremony. None of the single-digit crowd caused any sort of distraction.

Our thinking was that the reason we had a wedding with guests (and didn’t just elope) was that our family and friends (including the little ones) were an important ingredient in our celebration.

As a parent now, though, I must say that I am looking forward to attending a wedding next week that will have a babysitter. We’re traveling across the country to attend—and without a babysitter at the wedding we would have to either find our own babysitter (not a simple or likely task from out of state!) or we would end up taking turns outside with our pre-schoolers burning off a little of their energy, thus missing out on the wedding.

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Apr 16, 2008.
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