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Everyone’s talking about InStyle Weddings’ recent report of celebrity-driven wedding trends…but I have my own opinion!

Trend #1: Centerpieces that go beyond flowers to feature unusual rustic elements. Sure, we’ve seen deep green artichokes, shiny purple eggplants and even wheat grass decorating tables in the past, to great success—but mushrooms?? Sorry, but this takes “dare to be different” just one step too far. I don’t think a crimini can compete with an orchid as eye-candy, and I’d rather eat my portabellos than stare at them during polite conversation.

Dramatic Veil by David TupazTrend #2: The comeback of dramatic veils, also worn during the reception. So a music diva wants to dance the night away in her cathedral-length Chantilly lace topper? Good for her. But it won’t appeal to every bride. At the last wedding I attended, the new Mrs. couldn’t wait to get out of her cumbersome gown, and before the dancing had even started, she’d already changed into something casual and comfortable. My prediction: This trend will fizzle fast.

Trend #3: Serving a groom’s cake. I’m surprised at this “trend,” as we’ve been noting the popularity of ultra-personalized groom’s cakes for some time now. (See Hottest Cakes for Northern California Brides, Not Your Grandmother’s Wedding Cake, and Rethinking Rehearsal Dinners for some inspiration). Cool idea? Yes. New idea? Uh, no. Where have you been, InStyle?

Chocolate Matzo from Vosges ChocolatesTrend #4: Global-inspired wedding favors, like Mexican chocolate truffles or specialty chopsticks. Love this one, especially when the choices reflect a family’s heritage. But chocolate covered matzo? I mean, is it even kosher?

Trend #5: Formal first dance. Blame Dancing with the Stars for raising the bar on first dance expectations. While I wholeheartedly endorse dance lessons to help you and your hubby-to-be sway smoothly in front of the crowd, you don’t have to feel pressured to choreograph a show-stopping number…unless of course you can move like Fred and Ginger. Then by all means, I’ll give you a 9 myself!

Bottom line: While you may not have the budget of a Jenna Bush or Ashlee Simpson, you can adapt some of the style-savvy ideas of those with money to burn. Remember, trends can be an inspiration, but they’re not rules. Follow your instincts in all things, just like you followed your heart to the altar!

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Jun 02, 2008.
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