Can't Stop Thinking About Sam

Have you ever had one of those meals when you’re on vacation that you keep thinking about for weeks after you get home? You know, you’re sitting at work and all of a sudden you’re struck by an intense desire to eat at that restaurant again. Like, right NOW. You entertain thoughts of calling in sick, just to go back and have that food one more time?

Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon BayNever?

Then you haven’t been to Sam’s Chowder House, a gorgeous seaside restaurant in Half Moon Bay. That’s where my husband and I had the fabulous dinner, while we were in HMB celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. Everything I ate was so excellent, from the calamari to the beet salad to the steak, that I’ve been obsessing about it ever since. Seriously, I think I need therapy. I’ve yet to call in sick to drive there for lunch, but I’ve been close several times.

I had a great time meeting owners Julie and Paul, who told me that they’re preparing a great new beachfront ceremony location to add to their already very wedding-friendly restaurant. Just imagine getting married right on the beach, steps from that beet salad. Heaven.