Calling All Hungry Girls

If you’re one of the lucky ones whose food cravings run towards celery sticks and tofu, then you probably are already your ideal size, and have no worries about “the camera adding 10 pounds” on your wedding day. No one wants to look back on their wedding video and see an over-sized version of their imagined self! I think it’s safe to say, however, that most brides are planning to lose a few inches before starring in their wedding video, in order to look their best for posterity (and also to pull off wearing that slinky Amy Michelson wedding dress they’ve got their eye on!).articles_alt

For me, most diets are pretty much useless—they advise you to avoid things like cheeseburgers and chocolate, items I find indispensable to joyful living. That’s why I love The Hungry Girl. HG is a wise woman who loves food—and has plenty of useful tricks up her sleeve, like guilt-free onion rings. Her fun, common-sense approach is refreshing and takes into account the reality that most women aren’t gifted with superhuman willpower. Under stress, PMS, or unscheduled emotional turmoil, we will absolutely, without question, reach for the Häagen- Dazs and ask questions later.

articles_altHungry Girl is for the food obsessed or just the food possessed; besides a wealth of recipe revisions (lifesavers, IMHO!), there is also a Q & A section, Girls Bite Out (tips for partying and dining), and a news section with the latest health and diet breakthroughs. And while I still can’t quite zip up my own figure-hugging wedding dress from 12 years ago yet, things are safely under control. And I still get to enjoy formerly forbidden foods, like HG’s Unpudged Fudge. Now that’s what I call livin’!

JOLENE’S RED ALERT: Under no circumstances should you purchase your wedding dress in anticipation of being successful in your wedding weight-loss ideals! Your seamstress can always take the dress in; it’s better to be safe than sorry (and out $3000 and with nothing to wear on your wedding day!).