Bridesmaid Dress Hall of Shame

I posted a while back about a bridesmaid dress that fits all sizes, comes in flattering colors, and that you could tailor to your own personal style. Sort of the “anti-bridesmaid dress” bridesmaid dress, if you will.

articles_altBut because no one can get enough of looking at those mythical, terrifically terrible bridesmaid dresses (myself included), we found a link that might give you a fix. Yes, these faces were blurred out for a reason: friends don’t let friends wear ugly dresses, and when they do…well, making their fashion pain even more public is just criminal. What I can’t get over is how many of them are shiny. You’d think the goal would be to choose bridesmaid dresses that don’t upstage the bride, so making the bridesmaids shimmer and shine just seems…wrong.

We know you have better taste than this. After all, you’re using Here Comes The Guide to plan your wedding! If you’ve picked out some more tasteful dresses for your bridesmaids, help your fellow HCTG bride out! Post the link (after you’ve secured all your dresses, of course). We want to get a better idea of what’s really hot in bridesmaid fashion.

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Jan 18, 2008.
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