A Perfect Proposal

If the wedding is all about her, the marriage proposal is all about him. Typically, the guy’s in charge of this monumental moment, and I think that’s why we cut our men so much slack when they don’t lose sleep over the wedding details. In my humble opinion, the proposal is way more romantic than the actual wedding. It’s (usually) just the two of you, making that spontaneous decision to spend your lives together. My marriage proposal was a lot like the guy who was proposing: sweet, unassuming, and very private. We were listening to music like any other night, and he sat on my living room floor, pulled out a ring, and made a short, heartfelt speech. End of story. But it’s the beginning of our story, and at the risk of sounding sappy, I’ll never forget that moment.

But leave it to some men to make it a real show of it. The most dramatic proposal I’ve ever heard of involved one love-struck man enlisting 20 people and 3 months worth of production work to create an computer animated film for his girl. This plan was so carefully crafted and over-the-top cool that TLC filmed the whole proposal for their show, “A Perfect Proposal”.

Check it out:

Seriously: how amazing is that? There are countless ways to pop the question, and hats off to men everywhere for planning these memorable moments, laying it on the line and moving your relationship to the next level. We’ve even heard from one bride whose boyfriend popped the question at Christmas, by wrapping up a copy of Here Comes The Guide, with a photo of the two of them pasted on the cover! (now that’s good planning!).

So…what was your proposal like?