A New Take on Front and Center

articles_alt Recently, I had the pleasure of assisting one of our coordinators, Maxine Andrew of Instead Of You on a wedding at The Bently Reserve in San Francisco for 200 guests.

The event was jaw-dropping! Maxine’s creative design, eye for detail and fabulous group of vendors made this wedding one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of events!) One of the things that I thought was so unique was Maxine’s idea to have the ceremony “in the round” instead of the traditional setup. This meant that all of the guests had a great view, and not just of the backs of the brides and groom. There were four ways for the party to enter the room rather than down the traditional single aisle. This made for lots of flexibility and creativity as honored family members were seated and the wedding party entered. In this case, the officiant and groomsmen entered from the right and then the bridesmaids and bride came down the main aisle. And, this configuration made the bride and groom feel very “surrounded” by their loved ones as they said their vows. articles_alt

I love to see new twists on traditional things. I’ll be posting more on this event in the coming days. There were several interesting things they did that I know Here Comes the Guide brides will want to see.

By the way, (because I know you’re gonna ask!) these, and the other photos I’ll be showing you from this event, were done by wedding photographer Sherman Chu, who did a fantastic job!