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A Little Bit of Wedding TV

Confession: I’m an educated mother of three with a full time professional job, but I love TV. Love it. Don’t get to watch as much as I’d like, but I watch what I can and, the trashier the better. Two of my favorite shows premiered this last week and I had to make sure you were watching:

First, CBS’s The Amazing Race premiered its 12th journey around the world last Sunday. The show’s been around forever and has won several Emmy’s and for the longest time, I thought it was “Reality TV for old folks”. But it’s surprisingly riveting. And, what I love is watching how the teams (oftentimes married or dating couples) communicate with each other as they meet the race’s challenges. My husband and I always talk about how we think we’d do on the show. Would we fight? Would we win? Would we suck but be likeable?


I think that every couple should have to go on some journey like “The Amazing Race” before they get married. I think it would really suss out the bad matches quickly, since life is the ultimate metaphorical “Amazing Race”. I mean, if you’re going to fight dirty over not winning the footrace to the stone idol on the show, you’re really going to have a rough time when money is tight and the kids are crying, right? Come on, Nathan and Jenn, pull it together!

articles_altSecondly, and MUCH trashier is my personal fave: The Real Housewives of Orange County. This is super car-wreck TV on Bravo my favorite network). This season, one of the Housewives, Laurie, is planning an Orange County wedding. Will they decide to have it at home? Will they forego the wedding planner’s advice and squish 400 guests in the space for 200?

Meredith Posted by Meredith on Nov 08, 2007.
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