A Few Good Bridesmaid Dresses

You’re a stand up gal. In fact, you’ve literally “stood up” for virtually all your friends as bridesmaid or the ever-coveted Maid of Honor. If you have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses that rivals Katherine Heigl’s character’s collection in 27 Dresses, do we have a feel-good project for you! First step? Admitting you will never wear that frothy yellow chiffon number again. Face facts—it’s not like you’re going to another homecoming or prom anytime soon. But some girl somewhere is going to prom, and she needs a dress.

articles_altThat said, it’s natural to want to take the next step—donating your unwanted party dresses to projects like DonateMyDress.org. By doing this, you’re not only recycling, you’re making a needy girl’s prom dream come true. Remember how cruel high school was? Now imagine you’re back there watching all your friends make plans for The Big Dance, only you can’t go because you can’t afford a dress. To avoid this painful teenage scenario, DonateMyDress.org is organizing Dress Drives all over the country, and the more dresses they have, the easier this overwhelming task is! If you’re itching to do even more, this website also provides a helpful link to upcoming online charity auctions for various causes.

What an easy way to make a deserving teen’s high school career a little brighter…and let you reclaim space in your closet for the new spring line! I’d consider that a definite win-win.