A Day At The Carneros Inn, Part Three

“Will Work for Spa Treatments.”

That pretty much was the consensus of us gals at HCTG, after our 1st Annual (here’s hoping!) corporate retreat at Carneros Inn & Spa in glorious Napa Wine Country. The spa is tucked away from the rest of the Inn, and surrounded by its own luxury “cottages.” Which in actuality were more resort suites than humble village dwellings. Ours was so plush, soothing and spacious—with it’s own private garden courtyard—I would have been content to simply lounge in this peaceful sanctuary and not stir a step, knowing that room service was just a phone call away.articles_alt

But my scheduled spa treatment awaited me. Choosing from the delectable Carneros’ spa menu was a challenge: Do I want to sample the yummy-sounding Sweet Ripened Apricot and Chardonnay Body Scrub and Massage, one of the Signature Treatments inspired by the “secrets of the grape,” or channel an exotic Oriental geisha, with the Red Flower Japan Body Ritual Massage? In the end, the practical side of me won out, and I chose the Micro-Crystal Firming Facial Repair Treatment which promised to transform my skin.

I was lucky to be in the expert care of Kristen Brock, Lead Aesthetician, who, after speaking with me briefly about concerns for my super-sensitive skin, said the magic words: “I’m going to customize your treatment.” Yeah, baby! I relaxed and surrendered to Kristen’s expertise. She alternately scrubbed, slathered and soothed, then masqued, moisturized and massaged, which felt truly restorative. A particularly decadent surprise was the hand treatment, which was both therapeutic and cosmetic. For those of us who work on the computer by day and do their fair share of housework by night, hands can take a beating, and the warming moisture mittens Kristen applied felt divine.

articles_altAfterwards, Kristen thoughtfully wrote up a full menu of products she had used on me, and I spent a good hour browsing the spa shop and playing with the make-up. While I was puckering up with some watermelon lip balm, several of my colleagues wandered in, cocooned in their spa robes, their eyes half-closed, bodies limp and relaxed. One of them blurted out that her massage made her feel, uh, shall we say in the mood to be amorous with her husband…the sign of a truly successful spa experience!

Everyone commented on the dewy glow of my complexion, so satisfied with “mission accomplished,” I snuck back to my palatial cottage for a catnap.

I’m already browsing the menu for which delicious treatment I’ll try next time!———

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Dec 10, 2007.
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