A Celtic Wedding in California

I have always been intrigued by the Irish culture, which is probably why I took up playing Irish fiddle. Naturally my interest carried over into my wedding style. When my husband and I got married, Greenbridge (a wonderful trio of Irish musicians) played for the ceremony, and we had an Irish music session at the reception (although I didn’t have time to play much!). I also decorated my dress with green beadwork. Had I known then about the stunning pieces crafted by Unique Celtic Jewelry, I would probably have ditched the flowers in my hair for a shiny silver circlet!

articles_altI’ve often attended Celtic Festivals, and it was at the KVMR Celtic Festival in Grass Valley where I first saw Unique Celtic Jewelry. I was impressed by the exquisite knot work and the imaginative execution of the silver collection. Though the designs are obviously Celtic, I had never seen anything quite like them! The earrings, necklaces and Celtic rings that are embellished with gemstones are even more striking. I let my husband know that any present from this online merchant will be well received. I’m crossing my fingers for our next anniversary!