A Beautiful and Centered Wedding

With just 20 days to plan their wedding—from first phone call to the ceremony—my super-capable friend Debbie, along with her betrothed, Richard, pulled off their own wedding at their Alamo home last week. This was one of the most delightful and meaningful ceremonies I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to many, many weddings). With two children and several years of living and loving together, the whole event took a familial, welcome tone that was anything but formal and stuffy. There simply wasn’t time to agonize over garters or table charts, so instead the couple could just ease into the sacred meaningfulness of the day. Debbie and Richard in the moment

Debbie especially loved that prior to the guests arriving, the rabbi held a private ‘mood setting’ ritual for the family to “center them” into the meaning of the day so they could relax and enjoy their own wedding (hey it’s a California wedding, we can get ‘centered’ here!). Yes, that’s right: the bride was relaxed. Debbie was so keenly aware of each moment that she remembers where each of her 58 friends were sitting during her ceremony. Now that’s ‘centered’!

Naturally they used some of our Certified By The Guide wedding professionals to help with the event. Many comments were made about the scrumptious food by Susan Foord Catering. The Lafayette-based catering firm, Debbie notes, is voted best caterer in the East Bay on a regular basis. Plus, Foord helped tremendously with the coordination of the details: providing tents, a dance floor, etc. But, most importantly: they were easy to work with! Katrina Rozelle Cakes provided their whimsical “Mad Hatter” cake, which kept the lighthearted and celebratory tone of the day going until the very end. Mad Hatter Cake by Katrina Rozelle