3 Tips for Getting Wedding Photos You Can Be Proud Of

As a wedding planner for umpteen years, I’ve learned that there’s no substitute for doing your homework. Follow these 3 steps before your wedding photo shoot, and you’ll increase your chances of getting the quality images you dream about.

Toki Cavener PhotographyWhen choosing a photographer, be sure you:

1) See and like their work. If you’ve chosen a studio that has multiple photographers, confirm that you’ll get the pro whose pictures you admire most, rather than an unknown associate. Some photographers display award-winning images, but may send an assistant instead. Read the fine print on the contract, and ask what would happen if the photog you specified is unavailable for any reason.

2) Get references. Sure, they seem nice and professional, but how can you be certain they’re reliable? The best way is to check them out by personally speaking with previous clients and venues where they’ve worked. Like all our wedding vendors, each one of our wedding photographers is Certified By The Guide, and has gone through our own rigorous reference check process.

3) Make friends with your photographer. When a person is uncomfortable while having their picture taken, it shows. For a special event like a wedding or a milestone anniversary, you might want to have a trial run with your photographer. An engagement or family shoot gives the photographer a chance to gauge your comfort level in front of a camera, and to notice details like when you blink your eyes or that nervous twitch of yours. It also gets them familiar with your good side and your less-good side—photographically and personality-wise.

For more wedding photography insights, be sure to read questions to ask when evaluating your wedding photographer.

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