27 Dresses

Okay, I’ll admit it. While I often act like the best part of my job is helping people who are planning an event save time (and it has NOTHING to do with the whole froofy wedding part of it, thankyouverymuch!), I’m a sucker for a good wedding movie. And not just because I relish the low groan my husband emits whenever I mention I’d like to see one (ah, love). I just enjoy watching movie weddings and imagining how I would have done my own differently – while also secretly thanking my lucky stars my wedding is over!

After Grey’s Anatomy’s heartbreaking wedding finale last season, I’m glad to see at least one of the actors isn’t afraid to get back into her wedding glad rags and party onscreen. The adorable Katherine Heigl (that’s Dr. Izzie Stevens to you Grey’s fans!) is starring in 27 Dresses, coming out Jan 11, 2008 . The movie looks like a fun little diversion about that whole “always a bridesmaid” phenomenon. Consider my calendar marked (with a froofy pink heart….awwww).

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Oct 11, 2007.
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