20 Years Later

I am Mean Old Stepmommy to a wonderful daughter named Cindi. She will celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary this month and personally I am in awe of how two 19-year-old kids created a marriage that I truly admire.

Michael & Cindi, 20 years agoCindi really knew how to pick a husband because she has a gem of one. I love how they allow each other to be who they are and I like that they know they have someone on their side always. They are great cheerleaders for each other and honestly want the other to be happy.

Michael and Cindi remind me that some people really take their vows to heart. They don’t walk out when the going gets tough; they hang in there, constantly creating and recreating their life together. When I look at their marriage, I am reminded of the famous Robert Browning quote, “Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be.”

For all of you who are newly engaged, I hope you can envision a life with your beloved 20 years from now; that you see yourself as your partner’s number one cheerleader and best friend.

Create a marriage that your parents will truly admire, like I do with Cindi and Michael. Happy Anniversary, Kiddos!