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A good friend of mine recently went to Mexico to begin the planning process for her daughter’s destination wedding. While she was there, she heard a fantastic story I just had to share.
At a recent wedding in San Pancho, Mexico, guests were gathered, awaiting the ceremony. A mariachi band was playing in traditional Mexican style. When the bride appeared, the musicians changed their tune with with fanfare. But instead of ‘Here Comes The Bride,’ the band unexpectedly began to play ‘Happy Birthday!’

North Tahoe Conference CenterObviously, the couple had some communication problems with their entertainment company. Luckily, the bride was a good sport and marched down the aisle to a very unusual processional! She’ll have a great story to tell for years to come.

The take-home lesson? Unless you like surprises, make sure that what you want for your wedding is clearly communicated—especially when there are language barriers! Even better, get everything in writing and have the contract translated by a trusted source.

Sharon Carl Posted by Sharon Carl on Feb 27, 2009.
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He Said Yes!

In this day and age, why should a woman wait for a man to propose? If you don’t think your guy will feel threatened by you popping this all-important question (and why would he?), then plan your approach, pick your moment, and gather your courage. I know one brave woman who recently did just that.

Janelle catching the bouquetAt the Montclair Women’s Cultural Center wedding I attended a few months ago in Oakland, my friend Janelle caught the bouquet. Could that mischevious look in Janelle’s eye be a forewarning of her intentions? I think so!

Janelle and Dave at Montclair Women's Cultural Arts CenterShe and her boyfriend Dave went to San Clemente for Dave’s birthday weekend. After a romantic meal at Fisherman’s Restaurant, they started walking back to the hotel together. As Janelle said, “In the quiet night, I tried to articulate my feelings for him and handed him the ring, tied with a little black velvet bow. I had tears in my eyes as I stepped back and I unconsciously covered my mouth, waiting for his answer. Then he started crying as well. Now we are engaged.”

If you decide to take matters in your own hands, let us know how it goes!

Sharon Carl Posted by Sharon Carl on May 12, 2008.
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Wedding at the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club

Fondant Wedding CakeWhen my friends and Morris dancing teammates, Meg and Kevin, announced their engagement, I immediately sent them a copy of Here Comes The Guide to help them plan their wedding. That’s where Meg found the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club in Oakland, the site they chose for their reception. Her daughter clinched the choice saying, “Lots of places are really elegant, but this one makes me happy.”

articles_altDeep red walls and lovely flowers greeted guests as they arrived. At the bar, a drink menu with Kevin’s original cocktail recipes was prominently displayed. Kevin is known for his custom cocktail creations, so it’s only natural they were featured at the reception!

Cocktail in hand, guests filtered into the ballroom and listened to the Montclair Women’s Big Band play. Strings of tiny white lights draped along the ceiling beams and dancing flames from tea-light candelabras provided a magical ambiance. The wedding cake, created by Montclair Baking (detail above), was patterned after two family heirloom vases whose designs were expertly translated in fondant. The result was a true work of art.

Sharon and Meg at the Montclair Women's ClubThe day was picture perfect, and most of the guests were out on the patio enjoying the sunshine. I was enamored with Meg’s dress, which she had made herself. It had a corset-style bodice decorated with three-dimensional embroidery of leaves and flowers. It must have taken her months to complete. Truly a labor of love!

After dinner, the Morris dancing began. I took the stage with my fellow musicians and played for my teammates. The evening was a steady stream of lively music, laughter and dancing. As it turned out, Meg’s daughter was right: You can’t leave Montclair Women’s Club without a smile on your face!

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