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Cinematic Style for Your Wedding Video

Wedding videography has come a very, very long way since I started at Here Comes The Guide more than a decade ago. Gone are the cheesy fades and posed scenes, garish lighting and Comic Sans fonts (I’m not joking, I’ve seen it!). More and more, we’re seeing real filmmaking in this specialized genre. Now, rather than either laughing at or snoring through a wedding video, I am often amazed at the power that true artists can convey in a few short minutes.

articles_altOne true innovator in this field is Savadelis Films. Chuck and Jewel Savadelis have perfected the art of the cinematic style: they turn the story of your particular romance into a short film that you’ll adore. And imagine how great it would be to be able to share this kind of “wedding film” with your kids one day. I wish this kind of wedding film had been available when my husband and I got married. I think I actually would have spent money on videography if it had been.

One of my favorite videos of theirs is called “Memoirs of a Wedding”. Check it out. It gives me chills every single time. Jewel says: “This piece was filmed in the garden where scenes from “Memoirs of a Geisha” were shot. The most striking feature of this quiet garden is that something is always blooming. So, we took artistic license to make the wisteria bloom as the groom approached his bride. This one won the industry’s highest award, the WEVA Gold Creative Excellence Award, in 2006.”

I love companies who do truly groundbreaking, excellent work and Savadelis certainly does that each and every time.

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You Know He Loves You When…

Did you all see Oprah the other day? She featured some great YouTube videos, one of which was a clip of a British couple’s first dance at their wedding. Apparently, they are both huge fans of Dirty Dancing, the 80’s classic dance movie. They performed Baby and Johnny’s famous dance, almost move for move. Wow, how many of you could convince your fiance to do this?

You have to check this out:

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News About the Southern California Fire

We’ve all been on pins and needles here at Here Comes The Guide, wondering if any of our Southern California wedding locations were affected by the fires that are still raging after over a week. I’d like to share some heartwarming news from our friend Margie Hopkins, who has both family homes and an event location in Fallbrook. She represents the gorgeous Fallbrook wedding location, The Grand Tradition, and we’re so thankful that it was spared! articles_alt

Margie’s comments show the undeniable spirit of those affected, and what can happen when a community comes together after disaster strikes:

Dear Here Comes the Guide,
Thanks for the kind email checking in on us. We are among the safe in Fallbrook. The Grand Tradition and our friends there are safe, also. My husband, Frank, and I were evacuated on Monday along with thousands of other residents.

Early Thursday, we were on a list of 12 residents allowed past the military police to reenter Fallbrook so we could man the phone lines of the main (and only) info center in Fallbrook. We were privileged to spend 4 days on the phones talking with distressed residents letting them know who could return and who couldn’t. We let them know when they could expect to return. We had lists of houses destroyed and where those people needed to go to get help. It was such a blessing to tell some folks that there house was not damaged.

Our own home was within a half-mile of the burn. Our son’s home was within a quarter-mile of the burn area. We are told by our Fire Department, that had the winds kept up, all of Fallbrook would be gone. articles_alt

We are very humbled by this experience, and are now planning our best route to be of assistance to our fellow “Fallbrookians”. It is a different world, and we are speechless to explain the experience of waving and saying “thanks” to Military Police driving down our small private road to check on us. It is also heart-rending to see the high-spirits of our Fallbrook-neighbors who have lost everything and their positive attitudes toward recovery. There were no deaths in Fallbrook. What more can be said!

Our friend, a Navy Chaplain, will tell you that it was not “nature” but our thousands of prayers to God that saved us.

If you have an evacuation story or news about your wedding location, please let us know. We’re happy to help connect those who need help with those who are offering help. Also know that our hearts go out to all our friends, family, clients and colleagues in So Cal. While our wishes for safety may be meager at this time of trauma for so many, the depth of our caring is immense.

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