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Road To The Altar: The Florist

I fully admit to being addicted to Road to the Altar, the web mockumentary we recently introduced on our blog. The second five-minute episode is all about picking out wedding flowers, and is no less hilarious than the first installment. When the blushing bride-to-be Rochelle has her heart set on flowers that the groom’s mother just happens to be allergic to…well, watch for yourself:

But seriously: If you’re wondering what questions to ask your floral designer, click here and read on.

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Oct 01, 2009.
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Fresh-Picked Wedding Favors

Sure, there are lots of people who appreciate the country. But then there are those who are country.

Like people who consider cowboy boots and a sundress “formal wear”. People who frequently brake for farmer’s markets and dream of freeing the wildlife at the county petting zoo because keeping sheep in such a small area “just ain’t right.” People who say “y’all” because, well, doesn’t it roll off the tongue a little bit easier than “you all?” The Condor's Nest Ranch in Pala

Real country folk, take heart: You don’t even have to leave the comforts of country to say your vows. There are many California farms and ranches out there that would fit the bill. And since you always opt for fresh-picked in your daily life, why not give a wedding favor that’ll satisfy your guests’ stomachs as well as their hearts?

Bag The Habit, those clever purveyors of cute reusable shopping totesReusable Produce Bags by Bag the Habit, also offer some sturdy produce bags that were designed to be reused ‘til the cows come home. Fill ‘em up with a batch of fresh fruit, and you’ve got yourself a mighty sweet wedding favor to hand off at the end of the night.

But don’t be surprised if you come home from your honeymoon to find 50 fresh-baked pies on your doorstep. It’s what real country folk do to say, “thanks.”

DIY Wedding Invitation Idea: Sealed with a Stamp

There’s so much to love about multicultural weddings (the food! the interesting languages! the clothes!). But what I love the most are the creative ideas couples come up with to honor their heritage while staying true to themselves at their wedding.

Wedding Paper Divas' 'Stylish Swirl' wedding invitationsA Guide Bride contacted me recently because she wanted to incorporate her groom’s Middle Eastern heritage in the invites and place cards, but she couldn’t find appropriate wedding stationary with Arabic writing. As someone who did the same fruitless search 7 years ago, I suggested an alternative that didn’t involve ordering invitations from an international vendor. (Will it arrive in time? What’s the currency exchange again?)

Instead of trying to find an invitation that perfectly meshes Western style with Mideast writing, give yourself a break and choose a Western wedding invitation that very subtly mimics that gorgeous, swirly Arabic calligraphy. (Wedding Paper Divas’ “Stylish Swirl” invites would do the trick!) Have a friend, family member, or professional calligrapher write out the bride and groom’s name to create your own unique wedding monogram, then take it to your local office supply store to have a personalized stamp made. The stamp can serve as a seal for the invitations, and it can also double as an inexpensive way to DIY your own place cards.

Now, if only deciding who makes it onto your final guest list was just as simple…

For more ideas on how to combine cultures at a wedding, read our 12 Tips for Planning a Multicultural Wedding.

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