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The Real OC

Even if you aren’t aspiring to be like the “Real Housewives of Orange County,” you’re likely to find an wedding venue in the OC that seems like it was made just for you. Here’s a taste of this region’s vast range of options:

Disney's Fairytale WeddingTotal romantics and anyone who’s a child at heart will love a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding.

For the metro-chic or art obsessed, seven-degrees is your ticket. The building itself is a magnum opus to behold. 

Equestrians and those who fancy a rustic wedding would adore the Red Horse Barn.

If you’re interested in history, the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace and its stunning grounds will blow you and your guests away.

seven-degreesWild birds and the county’s namesake orange blossoms abound at the Rancho Las Lomas.

Julia Posted by Julia on Mar 09, 2009.
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Weddings Fit For a Princess

There is a Disney heroine for every girl to relate to. At least on some level, right? While I’ve never run through a meadow, arms outstretched, singing to the great beyond about my lifelong dreams, as a young girl I strongly identified with Belle from Beauty And The Beast. She has dark doe eyes and brown hair, and she reads a lot. That’s all I needed in a kindred spirit.

Disney Fairy Tale WeddingsIf you feel a similar solidarity with the hard-working-yet-glamorous Cinderella, or the kind-hearted, nature-loving Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, there’s a new way to feel like a princess for a day. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings has a brand new Couture Wedding package, inspired by the party-planning genius David Tutera. Go ahead, princess, sing your heart out!

Julia Posted by Julia on Feb 23, 2009.
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For Engaged Grrrrls

Most people wouldn’t guess by looking at me now, but back in my high school days, I was a wannabe punk rocker. My daily wardrobe consisted of dyed-black hair, fishnets, plaid miniskirts, and combat boots. (Yes, even during the cold and rainy months.) I also dreamed of marrying Joe Strummer (may he rest in peace). If you sound anything like my alter-ego, then Rock Star Bride might be your cup of tea.

This online boutique features rock star-worthy loungewear and hoodies to tell the world that not only are you engaged, but you’ve still got your edge. If you’re indecisive like me, there are always gift cards adorned with tattoo-inspired graphics. That’s right, they have rock and roll in every detail. From hats to boy-shorts, you’re covered.

Rock Star Bride

Julia Posted by Julia on Nov 29, 2008.
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