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If You Did, and Then You Didn’t…

If you’re getting married, or if you’re just someone with a heart of gold and plenty of it in material form, this is for you.

The cleverly-titled company I Do Now I Don’t is an online auction site with an eco-conscious mission: recycle your jewelry! If you are looking save on a beautiful ring and contribute to sustainable commerce, click on the “I Do” button. Got too much jewelry that you never wear or want to turn bad memories into someone’s bright future? Click on “I Don’t” to put your luxuries up for auction.Green Wedding Jewelry

On top of the fact that you’re recycling and reducing your carbon footprint, through I Do Now I Don’t you’re also donating the profits to environmental causes. You angel, you.

Julia Posted by Julia on May 23, 2008.
Filed under Green WeddingsStuff We LoveWedding Jewelry and Rings must be pretty enticing and tasty. When I was hitting up our staff for tips on how we can be more green as a company and as individuals, both Jen and Mere thought of this website.

articles_altAnd now I know why! does daily posts of green tips, articles, and even biographies of green pioneers for five regions in the U.S., including Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s an easy way to make sure you’re in the know on how to help save our planet. You were thinking of having your wedding on this planet, right?

Julia Posted by Julia on Apr 02, 2008.
Filed under Green WeddingsWedding Ideas

Weddings Inspired by Etsy

articles_altIf you’re anything like me, you want the treats you buy for yourself to make you feel unique and special. Or you like to lend a quirky yet tasteful finishing touch to everything around you. As one of my lovely dance teachers and mentors once said to me, “to decide to like something is to congratulate yourself.” And what better time or place to surround yourself with the things you like and show your individual taste than at your wedding reception?

articles_altFor brides looking for something outside of a cookie-cutter, mass-produced world, I highly recommend There’s also a section for weddings where you can find invitations, guest books, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your bridesmaid gifts, candles and wedding cake toppers. Prices are usually pretty manageable, too.

Looking for something even more personal for your wedding? Remember that a bunch of the sellers on Etsy will take custom orders. That’s the beauty of dealing directly! It’s no wonder that this once indie-kept secret is now popping up on more and more bridal blogs than ever.

Julia Posted by Julia on Mar 14, 2008.
Filed under InvitationsOff BeatStuff We LoveWedding Ideas

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