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A Culinary Adventure With A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast promises exactly what its company name implies. This is not your everyday catering company. Don’t believe me? Just 24 hours after returning to the States from my own adventure in Tuscany and Rome, I, along with the rest of the Here Comes The Guide ladies, had the privilege of being treated to Chef Michael’s 5-course culinary adventure (as he so dryly referred to it), along with 12 different appetizers and dessert. (Chocolate and sea salt, anyone?)

A Moveable FeastAfter savoring the last bite, I can confidently report that this meal could easily surpass some of the best food I encountered in Europe. 

For me, food isn’t just about eating. Being a wannabe gourmet chef, I believe understanding a dish’s origins and preparation just makes the meal that much more delicious. Chef Michael was more than happy to tell me about the origin of his dishes, and even his techniques. In fact, many of the ingredients came from the Monterey and Carmel area—which explains why everything tasted so fresh!

And when each dish is so delectable, it’s hard not to devour everything that’s placed before you. As I started running out of room in my stomach, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to do justice to Chef Michael’s entire menu. He, however, was very understanding, repeating, “No pressure” as he saw the look on my face each time another of his creations arrived. But of course, pressure wasn’t the problem; it was the fact that I knew that if I stopped, I might miss a morsel even tastier than the last!

Tip: At your wedding or special event, don’t feel pressured to clean your plate. While I had trouble leaving any of A Moveable Feast’s delicacies behind, keep in mind that you will probably want to hit the dance floor after your 3- or 5-course dinner. So no matter how fabulous the food is at your reception, leave a little room for dancing!

P.S. Michael’s got one of the sharpest wits and quickest senses of humor I’ve seen in some time. He’s like free entertainment!

Chef Michael choosing ingredients at the Farmer's Market

Julia Posted by Julia on Dec 21, 2009.
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Taste-ful Personalized Wedding Favors: Party Beans

At Here Comes The Guide headquarters, we love our treats. So imagine our delight when adorable tins and containers filled with M&M’s and Jelly Belly jellybeans arrived at our offices, each with customized messages and images—including photos!

Party BeansImagine how cute these Party Beans containers would be in gift baskets for your wedding guests, adorned with a photo of you and your significant other—or dog/cat/hamster/goldfish, whatever—and a small caption. It’s extremely easy to personalize your favors with photos, colors, and words of your choice. There’s even a mini barrel, perfect if you’re getting married at a winery!

Party Beans Glass JarBonus: when the candy is gone, the tins can be re-purposed. I swiped the little glass container and filled it with water and a single, floating flower for a calming desktop decoration. Or, you can compete for the most popular coworker by keeping the container full of candy!

Organic Bubbly

So far, we’ve offered you tons of tips on how to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your wedding. Here’s one more for your list: serve organic wine and champagne. If you haven’t thought about the wine and champagne you’ll be pouring into your guests’ biodegradeable/reusable/recyclable glasses, take a look at Domaine Carneros’ sparkling wines.

Domaine Carneros Sparkling WineDomaine Carneros made the decision to farm sustainably when they opened over two decades ago, so it was only natural that they began moving toward being a completely organically farmed winery. They also happen to have the first sparkling wine to be certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (as of April 2008).

If you want to do more than just pour their delicious sparkling wines at your next event, you can book your rehearsal dinner at the winery. Or, take it one step further and create 24 bottles of your own customized blend during a private session!

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