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Inscribed Wedding Band

I loved the sweet story on Miho Walsh and Roy Prieb in a recent New York Times Vows column. They met over dim sum with friends and eventually turned their long-distance courtship into marriage. Besides the fact that they somehow pulled off celebrations in Tokyo, Bangkok and New York, what completely charmed me was the words engraved on Mr. Prieb’s wedding band: “You win some, you dim sum.”

Not your boring old wedding date inscription!

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Mar 12, 2008.
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Lavish Weddings

Americans certainly are not the only ones spending crazy money on weddings. The New York Times reports that in post-Taliban Afghanistan, lavish weddings are on the rise. Costs “can run a middle-class Afghan man on average $20,000,” but Afghans who make as little as $350 a year might spend $2000 on a wedding. Yikes! Would you spend five or six times your salary on your wedding?

If you’re wrestling with your wedding budget right now, take a break and watch the video included in the story—you have to see the waiters.

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Feb 22, 2008.
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Bridezillas on a Diet?

The New York Times ran a story on their blog, The Well, with the news that yes, a huge percentage of brides diet before their wedding.

They cited a study of engaged women in which half of the brides-to-be were already of normal weight. “Dr. Neighbors found that 91 percent of the women were worried about their weight, reporting that they wanted to lose weight or were actively trying to prevent weight gain. By comparison, national data show that about 62 percent of similarly aged women have the same concerns.”

articles_altGood grief, what’s wrong with us?

People commenting on the story not only had a lot to say about the pressure to be thin (especially from wedding mags), but also engaged in some debate about whether “bridezilla” is a lighthearted term or a sexist, pejorative one.

Are you on a diet? How do you feel about the term “bridezilla”?

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Feb 18, 2008.
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