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Bachelorette Party Planners

I was both maid of honor and wedding coordinator when my sister got married last year. Because so many of the guests were coming from out of town, we decided to combine the bachelorette party and bridal shower into one fun-filled weekend to save on travel time and ensure that everyone could attend.

But at some point, as I trudged through the pre-wedding and wedding day event plans—not to mention my usual full time job!—I started to wish someone else could take on more of the planning workload. I really wanted some time to actually enjoy these gatherings with my sister. I’m sure there are many plan-weary bridesmaids and maids of honor out there who can relate, so I thought I’d make a suggestion: enlist a bachelorette party planning company.

What a great concept! This way you can enjoy the special day with the bride and let someone else stress over the details.

Firefly Group EventsFirefly Group Events: Firefly can come to the rescue for San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles bachelorette get-togethers. They have some fun packages, and will even customize your party if none of the existing packages are right for you. They’ll also give you your own web page, making it easy for you to manage all the details online. The best part is that your guests can log on to the Firefly website and pay for their participation so you don’t have to worry about managing the event funds.

Brides Night OutBrides Night Out: This company really does it all: They’ll be there to greet your guests, guide you on your adventure and make sure the night ends with everyone arriving home safely. Brides Night Out has so many different packages you’re sure to find something that fits your group. For more information on Brides Night Out, click here.

Trust me: As maid of honor and guest, you’ll have enough to do for the wedding. Getting some help with the bachelorette party planning will mean you can actually let loose with your friends and celebrate!

DIY Button Boutonniere

I occasionally get to work at actual weddings with some of our fantastic Certified By The Guide event professionals, like floral designer Nancy Liu Chin.

To get you in the wedding mood, here’s a little inspiration from her own blog, Brown Bag:

Nancy Liu ChinSure, I’m a floral designer, but sometimes, I’m a seamstress, other times a floral engineer, and more important, a decorator. I like to think outside the scope of flowers. To be ahead of the times, one must embrace and craft her way through the craze of DIY, eco-green, and shabby chic movements.

Here’s my project for the week that is affordable, great for DIY, but also something exceptionally charming to show that floral designers aren’t necessarily wedded to flowers.

DIY Button BoutonniereFor this floral button boutonniere, you will need:

3 Dainty floral buttons
2 Medium floral buttons
1 Bolt of matching ribbon
1 Roll floral tape
1 Box of pins
Medium gauge green wire
Wire cutters

Step 1. Loop green wire through button holes, then cover wire with floral tape.

Step 2. Once all buttons are individually secured, place them accordingly.

Step 3. To keep the button boutonniere together, pinch the 5 wires tightly and secure with green floral tape from the top to the button.

Step 4. Cut off any remaining wire so the stem measures no longer than 2.5 inches.

Step 5. Wrap your choice of ribbon from bottom to top, and secure with a straight pin. Make sure the pin does not poke through the front! You don’t want to accidentally poke someone when you pin this on them.

Gifts For Guys: What to Buy Your Groomsmen

While many brides-to-be can easily locate the right gifts for their bridesmaids, grooms always seem to have trouble doing the same thing for their guys. My friend Matt had the hardest time picking out groomsmen gifts when he got married. He didn’t allow himself enough time to order his gifts online before the wedding, so he ended up running all over San Francisco trying to find something appropriate. Exhausting!

REI TentHere are a few websites I found that might help you shopping-impaired grooms out there.  And don’t forget to order the items at least a month or two in advance to ensure they’ll arrive in time!

Guy Gift Sites

Groom’s Shop
Jordan Gift Company
My Groomsmen Gifts
Groom Stop
Brides’ Village
American Bridal

Jordan Gift Company FlaskIf you don’t feel like any of the more typical items will suit your groomsmen, why not plan an event that gives you and your friends a little more “guy time”? Get tickets to a sporting event, host a poker night at your house, or put together a camping trip and provide all of the food and beverages. Above all, remember that these are your go-to guys; they deserve a memorable “thank you” for being there for you on the most important day of your life.

Click here for another great groom’s gift guide. If you’ve found groomsmen gifts at another site not listed here, let us know! 

Denise Posted by Denise on May 14, 2009.
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