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Parasols Instead of Bouquets

As Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding, I carried a Japanese parasol instead of the usual bridesmaid bouquet. I really loved this idea, because the bride was able to save money on her flowers and parasols look great in pictures. On top of that, it was a hot September day in Sacramento and these refreshing accessories provided a nice shield from the sun.

Tosca ProductionsI still have the parasol on display in my bedroom, and every time I see it it reminds me of my best friend. Of course parasols wouldn’t work for every kind of wedding, but if you’re having your ceremony outdoors it’s a fun alternative to consider. And there are lots of options out there to reflect your wedding theme.

You can find your own pretty parasols at Pamela’s Parasols, Luna Bazaar, or Ideal Favors. And, I got some inspiring ideas from my colleague Jolene’s new article, “Wedding Parasols & Fashion Umbrellas”.

Denise Martinez at her best friend's wedding

Denise Posted by Denise on Jan 09, 2009.
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Bride Wars

I’ve been watching Bride Wars previews at movie theaters for a few months now, so I’m really excited that I’m going to see it when it opens this Friday! I’m a big fan of both Kate Hudson and Ann Hathaway, and I hear the film features some gorgeous Vera Wang dresses. If you haven’t seen the trailer, take a look:

Denise Posted by Denise on Jan 08, 2009.
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Honeymoon in Napa Valley

To celebrate my friend Nicole’s 30th birthday in style, we went to Calistoga and spent a night at Indian Springs Resort and Spa. I had been super stressed from all the event planning I had been doing over the summer, so I was really looking forward to a day of relaxation and sun. This was just what the doctor ordered! They have these adorable cottages that were built in the 1940s, and their geyser-fed mineral pool made me feel like I was a part of Old Hollywood.

Indian Springs Resort and SpaAs I was sunbathing by the pool, I couldn’t help but think what a great location this would be for a Napa Valley honeymoon. Indian Springs is California’s oldest spa and pool facility, so they must be doing something right.

Denise Posted by Denise on Dec 29, 2008.
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