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Jewish Wedding Keepsake

There are many explanations out there for why a bride and groom break a glass during a Jewish wedding ceremony. Some say that doing so symbolizes the permanence of marriage, because as long as the glass remains broken the couple will stay together. Some believe that the loud noise of glass breaking keeps away evil spirits, or that the shards represent the many facets of happiness that marriage will provide.

Wedding Kaleidoscope Keepsake by Gary Rosenthal CollectionWhatever the meaning of breaking a glass, those adding this tradition to their wedding vows should know that there are better, more “fool-proof“options out there than a cheap old wine glass: Colorful glasses that are specially shaped to break easily are available for just this purpose—even if you’re wearing heels! Some even come with a velvet bag to hold the glass shards—a very important safety accessory! Carol Attia of Under The Chuppah offers these special glasses and custom “Break-the-glass” or “Mazel Tov Bags” at her studio along with her chuppot.

After the glass is broken, some might choose to save the pieces as a wedding memento,
keeping the shards in a sealed jar or assembling a mosaic. A mezuzah with a vial to hold the glass shards makes a lovely gift for the couple’s new home. You can even create your own kaleidoscope with a kit from The Gary Rosenthal Collection.

If you’re having a Jewish wedding, will you both break the glass together? Do you plan to keep the shards as a keepsake?

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Apr 16, 2009.
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Only in LA…

If you’re thinking of getting married in the sunny and warm Los Angeles area, here are a few places that are so unique, you really only can experience them in LA.

YamashiroSee a 600-year-old pagoda at the beautiful Yamashiro.

Take a ride back in time at the Los Angeles Union Station. You’ll think you’ve stepped into a film noir.

Malibu Nature Preserve

If you’d prefer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, reconnect with the wonders of the natural world at the Malibu Nature Preserve.

And finally, if you want your event steeped in American tradition, yet taken to a whole new level, Dodger Stadium is the perfect spot: it’s familiar, yet completely unexpected all at once.

Julia Posted by Julia on Apr 13, 2009.
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My Cup O’ Tea

My mother, a true Anglophile, brought me up surrounded by more than a few of her favorite British things. The first real, hearty books I read as a child were Agatha Christie mysteries and Charles Dickens novels. Every Thursday was Masterpiece Theatre night featuring an array of her favorite actors from the UK, and I was probably the only 12-year-old kid in school who (at the time, don’t quiz me now) knew the entire history of the English Royal Family.

Crown and CrumpetSo of course my heart raced when I saw that Crown & Crumpet opened in the historic Ghirardelli Square of San Francisco. This is a traditional tea salon with a kicky twist. Just look at these photos and you’ll see what I mean. As owners Amy and Christopher Dean said themselves, it’s “doily-free” yet still evokes the same comfort, relaxation, and elegance of a real English tearoom.

As much as I love the Pump House in Bath and the adorable tea houses in Devon, I think this would be the ideal place for an unforgettable bridal shower or even a baby shower, if you want to think that far ahead! Count me in for afternoon tea!

Julia Posted by Julia on Apr 09, 2009.
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