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Hollywood Gets Romantic

Pop Quiz: What do William Shatner, bra tape and the latest Southern California edition of Here Comes The Guide all have in common?

Answer: They all were at the Valentine Celebrity Romance Oscar Sneak-Peek Gift Suite, held last month at Café La Boheme in West Hollywood.
9 Celebrity Trends RevealedYou can read about the trendy, romance-inducing goodies and fashion frills the celebrities took home from this posh event in “9 Celebrity Trends Revealed” in our Articles+Ideas section.
(Bonus points if you can figure out which Here Comes The Guide staffer wants to try out the Kama Sutra honey dust! Hint: Her name rhymes with “fan.”)

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Mar 26, 2009.
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Wedding Photo Booths

One trend from 2008 that I’d love to see continue is photo booths. I attended a few weddings with them last year, and they were huge hits. Guests went bananas taking fun, crazy pictures for the bride and groom!

Denon & Doyle’s San Francisco Photo Booth has a fun alternative to an actual booth called the Photo Bar. Your guests can strike a pose and their photo bartender will project their photo shoot on a 42” plasma display so everyone can join in the fun. Partygoers can pick their favorite picture and have it mounted on a 2“x3” framed keychain that’s personalized with custom graphics.

Denon & Doyle's San Francisco Photo BoothWhether it’s a classic photo booth or the newer “booth with out a booth” style, this is a great way to entertain your guests—plus you get amazing candid shots of your friends and family.

If you’re thinking of having a photo booth at your wedding, check out our Certified By The Guide Photo Booth companies in Northern and Southern California. They’ve been through our rigorous certification process, so you can trust that you are booking with a quality company.

Denise Posted by Denise on Mar 23, 2009.
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Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Weird Wedding Dresses

Even some of the best designers can have an off day. A few of the 2009 wedding dresses that premiered at Bridal Fashion Week in New York certainly looked like their creator was either PMSing, drunk or filled with delusions of grandeur.

2009 Amsale Wedding DressThe normally über-elegant Amsale dreamed up a balloon mini dress that woefully missed the mod mark. While we love the innovative spaghetti halter bodice, the poor bride who wears it would definitely not want to hear the answer to the age-old question: “Does this make me look fat?”

2009 Christos BridalEqually unflattering was the bulbous gown invented by Christos, whose puffily encased model resembled a humanoid caterpillar weaving its cocoon.

But the “What were you thinking?” prize has to go to a bridal ensemble by Junko Yoshioka.
Sorry, but no one I know is going to wear a full length satin coat with a neckline that plunges to the belly button and an open skirt revealing…wait for it… hot pants. I kid you not!

2009 Junko Yoshioka Wedding DressDress designers take note—these flights of fancy may be “high fashion,” but they’re not going to cut it with real-world brides. Yes, the rest of your collections are enchanting. But oddities like the ones described above are the reason a bride needs to bring along her mom or BFF before making her final fashion decision!

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Mar 19, 2009.
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