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How To Shape Your Eyebrows

If you’ve ever wondered how to get the perfect shape for your eyebrows, check out this video from Monique Powers. In it, she shows you how to shape your own eyebrows without spending a ton of money at a salon.

Monique PowersI love that she uses something as simple as a pencil to do the measurements of where the eyebrow should begin, where the arch should be and where the brow should end. She makes it look so easy!

Denise Posted by Denise on Jan 30, 2009.
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Wedding Etiquette in Different Cultures

I just learned that “at traditional Persian weddings, guests may grow alarmed when the bride twice doesn’t answer when asked if she will marry the bridegroom. (He doesn’t get the yes until he presents a gift, often of coins or jewelry.)” Thank you New York Times! The Times’ recent article “Different Rules for Different Cultures: Be Prepared” goes over a few of the cultural differences that might flummox wedding guests. What should you wear to an Indian wedding or Orthodox Jewish one? What kind of dancing is permissible at a Muslim wedding?

If you’ve witnessed cross-cultural confusion or have any advice for guests who might not be familiar with your wedding traditions and etiquette, please help the rest of us out by sharing your advice. We really don’t want to embarrass ourselves.

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Jan 28, 2009.
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Book Lovers Rejoice!

Our hot-off-the-presses Here Comes The Guide, Northern California book is now available in retail and online bookstores. No N Cal bride-to-be should be without this handy, portable reference, which features almost 100 new event locations and services. We may be biased, but we think it makes a great engagement gift. Hey, one guy even presented it to his hoped-for bride when he proposed to her!

Here Comes The Guide 11th Edition Northern California Book CoverWant a free book? You can pick up a free copy of The Guide at these select bridal salons. Or, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) telling us what you think of MyGuide, the newest feature on our website, and we’ll send you a copy.

And if you’re looking for other wedding books to jump-start your wedding planning, check out Here Comes The Guide’s bookstore.

Jan Posted by Jan on Jan 21, 2009.
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