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Trendwatch: Mother of the Bride Gowns Get Glam

What’s a mother to wear to the wedding? Rule #1—ban dowdy, muted tones from her fashion vocabulary. Today’s top Moms are proud, confident and want a little star appeal of their own! Hanna Hartnell of Hartnell boutique in Santa Monica understands. Her custom-made gowns and coordinating wraps are favored by women of all shapes, sizes, and ages for their flattering fit and luxurious fabric…and they’re available in virtually every color of the rainbow.

Hartnell Mother of the Bride DressWhat hues are hot for Mama? “For fall, mothers of the bride are choosing elegant, vibrant colors,” says Hanna. “They love amethyst, mahogany and rose sorbet.” If you’re shopping now for a spring ’09 wedding, then give your mom and mom-to-be this yummy fashion forecast: “Apricot, peach, lemon and golden olive hues will be en vogue,” says Hanna. “These shades are especially light and lovely for garden weddings.

Mother of the Bride Gown from Siri BoutiqueDesigner Beverley Siri of Siri Boutique in San Francisco is also a firm believer in stylish MOBs. In fact, many of her creations are named for movie stars—check out the drop-waist Hepburn dress topped with an Ingrid Bergman jacket in Wedgewood blue. Siri’s rich, jewel-toned ensembles are sophisticated choices for weddings or nights at the opera. You may plan on having your wedding dress cleaned, pressed and enshrined in the corner of your closet for eternity…but Mom is going to want to whip out her own glam gown for every possible special occasion! And if she wears a Siri or Hartnell, she surely will look fabulous.

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Dec 05, 2008.
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The Importance of Being Tested

Most of the people using Here Comes The Guide to plan their wedding are women. So, I’m going to take advantage of this platform to remind our female audience of something important:: Don’t let the hoopla of planning your wedding keep you from getting your Pap test this year.

Personally, I have a history of irregular Pap tests and cervical surgeries. I was just 27 when I had my first abnormal Pap. I was lucky enough to find the abnormalities before they became cervical cancer, but it would have been very serious had I not gotten regular Pap tests and had an early diagnosis that was treated aggressively.

When you see your doctor, push to have an HPV (human papilloma virus) test done along with your Pap test (they’re already all up in your business, might as well swab for one more thing, right?). HPV is the virus that leads to cervical cancer and a high percentage of young woman carry it. If the HPV test comes back positive, move swiftly to deal with the issue. Don’t put it off (and don’t let your doctor put it off) and take it very seriously.

Recently, one of our Here Comes The Guide event professionals was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She’s going to be ok, thankfully, but it serves to remind us how important those tests—and aggressive care—really are.

Getting off my soapbox now.

Meredith Posted by Meredith on Dec 03, 2008.
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