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Weddings on a Budget

With soaring fuel and food costs, reining in your wedding budget is becoming increasingly important. In today’s Los Angeles Times, there’s a great article featuring ways to cure your own case of wedding sticker shock (check out the quotes from our own creative wedding diva, Jolene Rae Harrington!). Read on for some expert wedding tips.

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Aug 27, 2008.
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A Detour Through Sonoma Valley’s Cornerstone Gardens

On the way to Lake County for my latest family vacation, I took a leisurely detour to Cornerstone Gardens where I visited their wine tasting room. What a welcome way to cool down on an otherwise painfully hot day! I could instantly see why this place is such a draw for weddings: The outside sculpture garden, which is encircled by lush flowers and art, is simply stunning.

Tasting Room at Cornerstone GardensOne thing I didn’t realize until I was actually there is that Cornerstone is far more than just gardens— it’s an unexpected shopping destination. Under a canopy of shady trees resides a row of intriguing furnishing stores where you can find pieces to complement any design style: organic materials, shells, light fixtures, tables, windows, or even mermaid statues!

Stone Mermaids at Cornerstone Gardens

Allison Posted by Allison on Aug 27, 2008.
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Stupid Attendant Gifts

Ah, your bridesmaids…those girls who have been there for you for years, living through all your boy-drama and, lately, all your wedding-planning drama. They’re shelling out hundreds to be in your wedding and you’re supposed to give them a gift at the event to show your thanks. My problem is that so often those “attendant” gifts are just…lame.

Pink Leather Flask from HansonEllis.comI mean really, nothing says “thanks for being in my wedding” like…a pink leather-encased flask! What does that convey about what you think of your girls? Or, what about an engraved yo-yo? Now there’s a useful item! Yeah, I frequently find myself standing in line at Starbucks thinking “Gee, I wish I could yo right now, preferably with something monogrammed with Sheila and Charlie’s wedding date.” Sigh.

Engraved Yo-Yo from HansonEllis.comThe “attendant gift” is a great opportunity not only to say thanks, but also to show your girls or guys that you really know them and what they like. The gifts don’t all have to be the same, either; in fact, I think personalized is better. My sister gave each of her attendants a cookbook she thought they’d like. I use mine often, even 7 years later, and remember her wedding fondly every time I do.

articles_altI say we California girls start a rebellion and only give worthy and worthwhile attendant gifts. You can use your imagination and come up with something great. And, has some cute stuff. I like the pink jute bag, for instance. For the guys, they can get some inspiration from our “Gift Guide for The Groom’s Guys.”

Meredith Posted by Meredith on Aug 22, 2008.
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