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Smart Bridal Shower Games

Some years ago my sister asked me to throw a bridal shower for her. I was clueless. I knew she and her friends weren’t going to have much fun playing bridal bingo or trying to remember 20 objects on a tray (you’ve done that one, right?), so I copped out and we just had lunch. Nice, but not only was it lacking in panache, we missed out on a crucial bonding opportunity by skipping the bridal shower games.

WineParty Kit at SmartsCo.comEnter SmartsCo. You can easily pull together a snazzy wine tasting party with their WineParty kit—which includes cool wrappers to cover up the wine bottles, stem tags to keep track of everyone’s wine glasses, and a tip guide. They also have card games based on wine, chocolate and beer—giving you an excuse to turn indulgence into a bridal shower game. Now isn’t that better than playing with toilet paper?

And down the road, remember their BabySmarts game, so you won’t need to play the old game of identifying melted candy bars in diapers. (I don’t ever want to see Mr. Goodbar that way again. I’m begging you.)

p.s. Use promotion code TIMES to get a 25% discount.

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Jul 25, 2008.
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Getting in Shape for Your Wedding: Bridal Boot Camp

I love boot camp workouts. You’re guided by a personal trainer who will push you to work harder for the results you want, you’re in a group of people with similar fitness goals, and many boot camps also include great nutrition advice. Having gone through a few boot camp sessions of my own, I can say with confidence that this kind of workout will definitely give you the energy and stamina you need to make it to the altar. I’m also seeing some great boot camps that are designed just for brides, with workouts to make you look fantastic in that strapless wedding gown you’ve had your eye on.

Extreme Bridal Boot CampAdded Incentive: Extreme Bridal Bootcamp in Northridge has teamed up with Certified By The Guide cakemaker A Sweet Design for “The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge”. You can get in shape and win a dream wedding cake for your wedding, and bridesmaids can win a bridal shower cake for their bride-to-be—what a “sweet” idea!

Here are some California bridal boot camps to check out:
Extreme Bridal Boot Camp, Northridge
Get Fit 2 Wed, San Diego
Trainer 90210, Beverly Hills
A La Vie Fitness, San Francisco Bay Area
Adventure Boot Camp, California and Beyond

What exercise routine works for you?

Denise Posted by Denise on Jul 23, 2008.
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We Heart Half Moon Bay, Part 2

Continuing our mission to explore Half Moon Bay, Jan and I uncovered more delights: We visited Cypress Meadows, a new wedding location hidden behind a flower farm. We lingered in the sweet terraced garden as long as we could, and Jan had to practically drag me out of the wooden swing.

Half Moon Bay Golf LinksNext we were given a grand tour of the breathtaking scenery offered by Half Moon Bay Golf Links—crystal blue ocean, sweeps of green above rugged cliffs, and a view of the coast as far as the eye can see. Imagine the wedding photo possibilities! Another incredible view awaited us at Liquid Sky, an oceanfront private estate for intimate wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours. Later, we had a lovely dinner at Cetrella —restaurant and sister property of Liquid Sky—where wedding receptions can be held.

Susan Morgan of Elegant Cheese CakesWe also popped in to say hello to an old friend, Susan Morgan of Elegant Cheese Cakes. We’ve always been a bit in awe of this cake diva, who sculpts in chocolate with the artistry of Rodin. She was as sweet as one of her popular confections, and we were sorry to have missed the morning baking session! Another regret was that time didn’t allow a chance to sample the eats at Sam’s Chowder House…so I guess we’ll just have to make another trip to Half Moon Bay as soon as we can!

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Jul 22, 2008.
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