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Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Jun 24, 2008.
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Wedding Registries are Changing (For Good)

In your pre-wedding world, you probably already have the dishes, the towels, and the ubiquitous crock pot that grace most wedding registries. So what do you register for if your cupboards already runneth over? You could succumb to that borderline tacky (okay, really tacky) trend of asking guests to pay for your honeymoon or even help fund your wedding. Or you could help make the world a better place by registering for your wedding at

Help stop pollution at Changingthepresent.orgAt, couples can register for “items” like adopting a jaguar ($35), replenishing a rainforest ($50), or funding a year of school for a young girl ($250). Choose from thousands of items from a wide variety of charities to promote global health, environmental causes, animal welfare…whatever you two lovebirds are passionate about (besides each other).

Your wedding was already destined to be the happiest day of your life. But a wedding that can improve the lives of others? Now that’s a celebration of love that will stay with you and your guests long after that last bottle of wine runs dry.

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Jun 23, 2008.
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Color Trends in Wedding Cakes: Snappy Stripes

Flowers too frou-frou? Plain white too plain? For modern brides with a forward fashion sense, stripes on their wedding cake have a smart and sassy look that’s just right. In the same way that a clean, symmetrical pattern of alternating color lends contemporary dash to a well-decorated living room, so too can stripes spice things up for the reception’s grand finale.

Striped Cake by True Confections BerkeleyHow do they do it? Rolled and cut fondant with food coloring is one way cakes can be striped. And in the hands of gifted cake artisans, the effect is fresh and fun. Top cake designer Susan Morgan of Elegant Cheese Cakes features an embellished Tiffany-blue triple-tiered confection with metallic gold stripes, resulting in an original and elegantly attired dessert. Beaux Gateaux adds the additional novelty of rectangular shaped stacked tiers accented with thin, multi-color vertical stripes for a cake that says, “I’m different and delicious.”

Beaux Gateaux Striped Wedding CakeThe appearance of stripes can also be created by alternating bands of textures—such as shiny followed by matte—as well as incorporating different shades of the same color, like petal-pink and fuschia. If the stripe motif appeals to you, then consider tying your wedding look together by using a striped background for your wedding invitations, and have it make an appearance in your décor, such as on the flower pots of your centerpieces, packaging of your wedding favors or in your chair sashes, for example.

If you’ve found a unique way to stripe-it-up for your wedding, by all means, share!

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Jun 20, 2008.
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