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As you may have already realized, finding a flattering wedding hairstyle is almost always easier said than done. My own wedding hair search involved me spending hours at my salon having my hair twisted, tugged, and curled into countless “almost perfect but not quite” styles. I’m not sure, but I may have even seen my stylist wield a crimping iron at one point (considering it was 2002, this was more than a little disturbing!). By the end of the day, both my hair and nerves were a bit fried. Sure, I found a style, but I also had to spend the next few days “resting” my hair and deep conditioning with pricey products.

wedding hairstylesWhen our resident beauty and fashion maven Jolene told me about, I realized I have yet another reason to be jealous of those who are getting married with today’s technology at their fingertips! Upload your photo, select your hair color and skin tone, and you’ve suddenly got more bridal and wedding hairstyles to test out on your pretty little face than you ever thought possible. And when you find your favorite ‘do without having to sacrifice your hair’s overall health, you’ll be so glad you paid that nominal $14.95 membership fee for 3 months of online hair styling fun.

wedding hairstylesOf course it’s great for everyday styles too, but I should warn you the site is totally addicting. As Jolene and I both discovered, you could spend hours trying out Victoria Beckham’s severe bob or going back in time to see your current self in The Rachel or Meg Ryan’s cute little shag cut. Oh, the possibilities!

Lisa Posted by Lisa on May 07, 2008.
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My Idea of Eating Out

Being an adventure junkie who loves all things untraditional, this is my idea of a really exciting rehearsal dinner on the town! Where do I sign up? Wait, 8 hours without a restroom. Hmmm. Probably not for me!

P.S. Yes, that’s Hung from the third season of Bravo’s Top Chef series. I wonder if this was part of his Top Chef prize?

Allison Posted by Allison on May 02, 2008.
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Wedding at the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club

Fondant Wedding CakeWhen my friends and Morris dancing teammates, Meg and Kevin, announced their engagement, I immediately sent them a copy of Here Comes The Guide to help them plan their wedding. That’s where Meg found the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club in Oakland, the site they chose for their reception. Her daughter clinched the choice saying, “Lots of places are really elegant, but this one makes me happy.”

articles_altDeep red walls and lovely flowers greeted guests as they arrived. At the bar, a drink menu with Kevin’s original cocktail recipes was prominently displayed. Kevin is known for his custom cocktail creations, so it’s only natural they were featured at the reception!

Cocktail in hand, guests filtered into the ballroom and listened to the Montclair Women’s Big Band play. Strings of tiny white lights draped along the ceiling beams and dancing flames from tea-light candelabras provided a magical ambiance. The wedding cake, created by Montclair Baking (detail above), was patterned after two family heirloom vases whose designs were expertly translated in fondant. The result was a true work of art.

Sharon and Meg at the Montclair Women's ClubThe day was picture perfect, and most of the guests were out on the patio enjoying the sunshine. I was enamored with Meg’s dress, which she had made herself. It had a corset-style bodice decorated with three-dimensional embroidery of leaves and flowers. It must have taken her months to complete. Truly a labor of love!

After dinner, the Morris dancing began. I took the stage with my fellow musicians and played for my teammates. The evening was a steady stream of lively music, laughter and dancing. As it turned out, Meg’s daughter was right: You can’t leave Montclair Women’s Club without a smile on your face!

Sharon Carl Posted by Sharon Carl on May 01, 2008.
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