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Viva Victoria!

I admit it—at heart, I’m an old-fashioned girl. Add to that a hopeless romantic and a bit of an Anglophile, and it’s no wonder that I was a huge fan of the magazine classic, Victoria. Lest you cool chicks think that’s the sort of rag read only by grandmas, take note: Besides a healthy dose of lace and roses, Victoria also profiles chic boutiques, insider travel destinations (it’s never too early to fantasize about your honeymoon!), innovative recipes, and plenty of tips for creative entertaining. And as a bride, you’ll be doing plenty of that, girlfriend!

Victoria Magazine CoverHowever, a couple of years ago, with the not-so-savvy judgment normally reserved for our politicians, Victoria’s publisher abruptly discontinued the popular brand, to the hue and cry of its devotees. The men in suits eventually realized the error of their ways and repented, so I started receiving new issues of the reborn Victoria earlier this year. Hooray!

Victoria MagazineMuch of the publication’s pretty pointers can be had for free online. So log on and let yourself be tempted by their special bridal luncheon menu or inspired by the profile of a paper artist to DIY innovative wedding invitations and placecards.

You’ll either welcome back this old favorite into your life or find yourself making a new friend.

He Said Yes!

In this day and age, why should a woman wait for a man to propose? If you don’t think your guy will feel threatened by you popping this all-important question (and why would he?), then plan your approach, pick your moment, and gather your courage. I know one brave woman who recently did just that.

Janelle catching the bouquetAt the Montclair Women’s Cultural Center wedding I attended a few months ago in Oakland, my friend Janelle caught the bouquet. Could that mischevious look in Janelle’s eye be a forewarning of her intentions? I think so!

Janelle and Dave at Montclair Women's Cultural Arts CenterShe and her boyfriend Dave went to San Clemente for Dave’s birthday weekend. After a romantic meal at Fisherman’s Restaurant, they started walking back to the hotel together. As Janelle said, “In the quiet night, I tried to articulate my feelings for him and handed him the ring, tied with a little black velvet bow. I had tears in my eyes as I stepped back and I unconsciously covered my mouth, waiting for his answer. Then he started crying as well. Now we are engaged.”

If you decide to take matters in your own hands, let us know how it goes!

Sharon Carl Posted by Sharon Carl on May 12, 2008.
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A California Husband with a Maiden Name

Whose last name will you have after you get married? The bride can keep her last name, take the husband’s surname, hyphenate, come up with an entirely new name…but what about the husband taking the wife’s name? California men, you are now in luck. Michel Bijon, Buday, has gone to bat for you.

Michel and Diana Bijon, photo from Yahoo NewsWhen he and his wife Diana filled in their marriage license, they decided both would use her surname, but the form didn’t have a place for that. Michael didn’t think it was fair that he’d have to go through court appearances and mounds of paperwork for something that is much more routine for brides, so he ended up filing a lawsuit, which resulted in a new law making it simpler for each member of a couple to choose whatever last name they prefer.

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on May 08, 2008.
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