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Thank Me For Coming to The Bridal Shower

I am utterly shocked. The second of today’s Dear Abby questions was from a Kansas woman who had just attended quite possibly the rudest bridal shower ever. After the gifts were opened, the guests were instructed to address, stamp, and write their own thank you notes. Once the guests properly congratulated themselves on the gifts they brought, all that was left for the bride to do was sign her name to the bottom of each card.

The take-home message of course was that the bride couldn’t be bothered to do more than autograph her name, and that somehow that autograph was worth a stamped & self-addressed envelope. Not only that, but I’m guessing the party couldn’t have become less festive once this thank-you note assembly line began.

articles_altI’m not naïve enough to think that this is how Kansas brides have been taught to behave. This woman obviously “went renegade” from her formal etiquette training, and was probably even patting herself on the back when she came up with a plan to avoid those pesky hand cramps. But I do believe that California brides can do so much better than this. That’s why I’m calling on all of you, from the sandy shores of San Diego to the lofty mountains of Lake Tahoe, to not only write your own thank you notes for your bridal shower and wedding gifts (“duh” doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings on that subject!), but to make the notes special.

In this age of emails instead of letters and crackly cell phone calls instead of friendly one-on-one visits, I ask you to not only thank these people for their thoughtful gifts and time, but to really mean it. I challenge you to insert one short, personalized phrase into the usual thank-you note template that shows that you not only appreciate the present, but you actually know the person who gave it to you. And if you can’t think of anything interesting to say to these guests, I’d recommend revising your next invite list with a bright red pen.

Those extra few moments of thought may be tiring, but imagining how you’ll make your guests’ day a little brighter after they made your day a memorable one might help you through those last few sentences.

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Apr 28, 2008.
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Something Borrowed, Something Naughty

From the moment you designed your first toilet paper wedding dress for Barbie (admit it, your doll sported Charmin Couture just like mine did!), you’ve been wanting to walk down the aisle equipped with something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. The old and new? Easy! Something borrowed? That bracelet you’ve been “borrowing” from your sister for the last 3 years should qualify. But it’s that “something blue” that stops most brides in their satin Jimmy Choos.

articles_altUnless you’ve picked it as one of your wedding colors or as part of your bouquet, blue’s not so easy to pull off. Luckily, there’s no rule that your something blue needs to be seen by anyone but you and your intended. In fact, all you creative—and slightly naughty—brides out there might want to insist on keeping your blue under wraps until the wedding night.

Betty Beauty’s latest hair care product is blue hair dye for the hair…you know, down there. The kits even include dove, heart and hugs & kisses stencils. And with such “green” ingredients as rosemary, chamomile, and aloe to help turn your down-there-hair blue, it’s as gentle for you as it is pleasantly surprising for him.

When some nosy guest asks where your “something blue” is, just tell them you left it in the honeymoon suite.

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Apr 24, 2008.
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My First Time: Lake Tahoe

articles_altI remember the first time I saw Lake Tahoe—I had just moved to San Francisco for graduate school. My then-boyfriend invited me to a summer weekend at his family’s cabin on North Shore. As a city girl, I had precious little experience with life more than 10 minutes from a shopping mall, and was instantly enraptured with Tahoe’s quiet beauty and mountainous grandeur. Six months later, the same boyfriend took me on a spontaneous Tahoe jaunt for another first—my first time skiing. And even though at the end of the day the Bunny Hill still seemed like K2 to me, there were plenty of other joys to be had. I was amazed at how different and yet equally magnificent the blue lake was in its winter setting, and how crisp and clean the rustic terrain appeared with a dusting of snow. Hot chocolate just tasted better in the sweet mountain air, and surely Lake Tahoe had more stars in the sky than anywhere else on earth!

articles_altAnother thing that surprised me was how easy Lake Tahoe was to get to, save during the fiercest of snow storms. More or less 4 hours from the Bay Area, and with oodles of options for accommodations, dining and recreation, a trip to Lake Tahoe is something every No Cal person should do, and do often! (Nature is good for the soul.)

articles_altEspecially when planning a wedding or honeymoon. It’s the perfect not-too-far-away, something-for-everyone kind of place for a destination event. If summertime fishing and boating, wintertime skiing or snowboarding or anytime relaxing isn’t enough entertainment for your friends and relatives, then there’s plenty of casino nightlife on South Shore to keep them out of your hair. Which means more romantic moments and wish-upon-a-million-stars-time for you and your sweetie.

To get you started for your trip to Tahoe, we know of some great places if you’re looking for a quick weekend destination or even a Lake Tahoe wedding or rehearsal dinner location.

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Apr 22, 2008.
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