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The Art of Floral Design

My all-time favorite San Francisco event is coming up this week: the Bouquets to Art floral exhibit. The idea behind it is genius: florists interpret a masterpiece of art or sculpture, like a Picasso or a Rodin using flowers. Think fine art meets floral design. (Honestly, if art history was ever this exciting I might have stayed awake in every class! ) Naturally, several of our Certified By The Guide Northern California floral designers will be showcased, including Patricia Gibbons, Branch Out, Fantasy Florals, Laurel Designs, Sunshine Flowers, Violetta and Waterlily Pond.

articles_altThe event’s opening party will feature floral décor and cocktail arrangements by Branch Out’s Leighsa Smyser. Be sure to stop by the Piazzoni Murals Room to take in her floral sculpture designed to match the earth toned landscape mural that fills the room. Elements like artichokes, hydrangea, orchids, flax leaves, vendela and sahara roses echo the terrain of hills and trees in the mural.

Event Details: Bouquets to Art, March 11-15 at the de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

After the show, visit the museum’s incredible cafe for Bon Appetite’s delectable, fresh and organic selection of light fare. Let us know what you experience if you get to visit. See you there!

Allison Posted by Allison on Mar 07, 2008.
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Father Daughter Dance

I was on the phone today with one of our favorite DJs, Strawberry Fields DJ Company. They were telling me about a recent wedding, where the bride put a spin on the traditional father-daughter dance: Instead of having everyone simply focus on her and her dad, about 30 seconds into the song she invited all fathers and daughters to join them on the dance floor. The guests were delighted to take part in the moment.

articles_altWhat a sweet idea! My friends always invite my dad to their weddings, and I know he would love the chance for the two of us to share in the spotlight.

Useful Tip: I get questions from my brides about which songs are best for the traditional father-daughter dance. I give my brides iVillage’s list of the old standbys, but I must admit, a few of the tunes are a bit cheesy. I like some of the suggestions at Offbeat Bride, and if anyone has other recommendations, let me know!

Denise Posted by Denise on Mar 05, 2008.
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Weddings on the California Central Coast: The Secret’s Out

I love it when we’re a few steps ahead of the New York Times. (It doesn’t happen often, so I have to gloat just a bit when it does.) They did an article recently on California’s Central Coast wine region and we just had to say, “What took you so long?”

articles_altAnyone who’s seen the film Sideways knows this region is a wine lover’s dream – but in last 18 months or so it’s also become one of the top California Wine Country destinations for weddings. The amazing combination of oceanfront and beach locations just 30 short (and beautiful) minutes drive from gorgeous vineyard wedding locations makes the Central Coast irresistible. You can do your rehearsal dinner by the water and your reception amongst the vines, or vice versa. The best part? Because this region has flown under the wedding radar for so long, the prices for events are surprisingly reasonable compared with some of the other wine regions.

We recognized this potential long ago and started work on our brand new Central Coast and Central California sections so we could let you know about all the wedding location options available smack in the middle of our state. I’m proud to say we launched this section in December and the response has been overwhelming.

articles_altI have personally come to love the Central Coast area after taking two trips there in the last several months, including one that included a customized wine tasting and yummy lunch under the trees at Cellar360 Paso Robles, which has become one of my favorite winemakers. You gotta try their Pinot Grigio.

You can check out Here Comes The Guide’s brand new Central Coast Wine Country Section here and all of Central California here.

The secret, my friends, is out…

Meredith Posted by Meredith on Mar 03, 2008.
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