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Hard Questions Before You Say “I Do”

At first, love is so easy. You meet a hot guy with a sense of humor who’s gainfully employed and treats you well…what’s not to love? And when you discover that you both agree that Obama should be President and football on Sundays is fun, you’re ready to say “I Do” right then and there. Super. Let’s get married. Easy peasy.

But it’s after this initial mushy phase when you find out a mutual affection for Peyton Manning won’t always bail you out. We all know that, before taking the plunge, you should talk through the big issues like sex (How often? How kinky? What if I’m tired?) and money (Joint accounts? Big screen TV? You do realize my bi-monthly haircuts cost $150, right?) This stuff seems obvious. And yet, I know so many people (including myself in my starter marriage) who just never take the time to really talk through the big stuff. And that, my friends, equals trouble, or worse, and not too far down the line.

A great starting point for those marriage-saving discussions is the book: The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do” by Susan Piver.

Some of this is a bit toooo obvious, some is a bit cheesy, but, used correctly (and possibly covertly?) in a series of conversations with your Mr. Right, this little $8 investment could save you thousands of dollars and untold amounts of heartache. Plus, you just might learn some stuff about your guy that makes you love him even more. Love that.

Meredith Posted by Meredith on Mar 17, 2008.
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Weddings Inspired by Etsy

articles_altIf you’re anything like me, you want the treats you buy for yourself to make you feel unique and special. Or you like to lend a quirky yet tasteful finishing touch to everything around you. As one of my lovely dance teachers and mentors once said to me, “to decide to like something is to congratulate yourself.” And what better time or place to surround yourself with the things you like and show your individual taste than at your wedding reception?

articles_altFor brides looking for something outside of a cookie-cutter, mass-produced world, I highly recommend There’s also a section for weddings where you can find invitations, guest books, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your bridesmaid gifts, candles and wedding cake toppers. Prices are usually pretty manageable, too.

Looking for something even more personal for your wedding? Remember that a bunch of the sellers on Etsy will take custom orders. That’s the beauty of dealing directly! It’s no wonder that this once indie-kept secret is now popping up on more and more bridal blogs than ever.

Julia Posted by Julia on Mar 14, 2008.
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Inscribed Wedding Band

I loved the sweet story on Miho Walsh and Roy Prieb in a recent New York Times Vows column. They met over dim sum with friends and eventually turned their long-distance courtship into marriage. Besides the fact that they somehow pulled off celebrations in Tokyo, Bangkok and New York, what completely charmed me was the words engraved on Mr. Prieb’s wedding band: “You win some, you dim sum.”

Not your boring old wedding date inscription!

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Mar 12, 2008.
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