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Plantable Wedding Invitations

Talk about a green wedding! Has anyone seen these plantable wedding invitations and favors? Guests can actually plant the paper to grow their own wildflowers as a lasting memory of your wedding.

The philosophy is brilliant. With these recycled cotton paper goods, you’re also giving back to the earth!

articles_altTheir cards, gift wrap, and YES, wedding invitations are all biodegradable and have seeds embedded in them. Each paper is made with different wildflower combinations like California Bluebell and Evening Primrose.

One small warning though: if you order these for invites, just make sure your guests know the date and time of your event before they eagerly plant the invitations!

Julia Posted by Julia on Feb 22, 2008.
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Lavish Weddings

Americans certainly are not the only ones spending crazy money on weddings. The New York Times reports that in post-Taliban Afghanistan, lavish weddings are on the rise. Costs “can run a middle-class Afghan man on average $20,000,” but Afghans who make as little as $350 a year might spend $2000 on a wedding. Yikes! Would you spend five or six times your salary on your wedding?

If you’re wrestling with your wedding budget right now, take a break and watch the video included in the story—you have to see the waiters.

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Feb 22, 2008.
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Just Say No to Sleeves

Some years the wedding fashion trends tell us to add colored ribbons to our white gowns, and other years big flowers or poufs are all the rage. The 2008 wedding dress runway buzz is all about the Return of the Sleeve. For years, strapless wedding gowns have ruled the wedding aisle. And why not? They’re sexy, chic and glam, and are the perfect excuse to accessorize with faux fur or wispy shawls.

articles_altThis year, whether preppy and cute á la J. Crew or long and sheer, as in Angel Sanchez’ mini-gown, bridal designers have fashionistas aflutter with sleeve talk. I say, it’s just a case of fashion manipulation by the chilly East Coast! I predict the so-called “trend” will fall flat in the sunny climes of California and fade into a Malibu sunset.

articles_altSee, we Cal Gals spend a considerable amount of time working on our bods, and even the curviest bride wants to show off her shapely shoulders, well-toned arms and perfectly crafted tan. The last thing we want to do is hide our accomplishments, even under the sheerest chiffon!

So let’s launch a West Coast rebellion, and continue to bare our arms and shoulders on the beach, in the ballroom, at the country club. Leave the sleeves to the more timid souls. What do you say? Will you join me in the boycott of wedding dresses with sleeves?

Extra Advice: While we’re at it, do yourself a favor and avoid the wedding dress trend toward tiered skirts. They may look pretty and frothy on the hanger, but darling, they do absolutely nothing for you. Leave the tiers for your wedding cake.

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Feb 20, 2008.
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