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Put Your Red Dress On

If you’re like me and never met a costume drama you didn’t like, wish Jane Austen had written more novels, and prefer a genteel garden party to a rave…then you’ll probably love The Red Dress: Vintage-Style Clothing. This on-line retailer (with a showroom on the Central Coast, CA) lets brides choose from a huge array of wedding dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses inspired by the nostalgic styles of bygone eras. I confess to spending more time than was absolutely necessary scrolling through the pages and pages of photos on their website. Romantic lace tea-gowns perfect for an Edwardian fête, flowing ensembles for a retro soiree, and even sassy showstoppers with classic appeal, available in a variety of colors (some in red!) to take you and your lucky attendants from engagement party to honeymoon. Delectable details like shawls, jackets and other matching accessories complete the look.


What’s more, The Red Dress also has hard-to-find historic fashions—like Renaissance dresses with lace-up bodices ideal for Celtic weddings. I fell hard for the Dangerous Liaisons gown, with a sexy drop-waist accented with bows and dangling ¾ sleeves! (Uma Thurman, eat your heart out!)

Uniquely Wonderful Bonus: If you’re body type is a far cry from stick figure (i.e. you’re a real woman), then you’ll appreciate that many of The Red Dress’s offerings are sized “for Voluptuous Women with Curves” (a more flattering way of saying “plus-size”!)

Since most of these gowns cost less than $1000, with many in the $300 range, I can buy more than one… uh, I mean, YOU can buy more than one! Yeah, that’s what I meant!! (Will someone please invite me to be a bridesmaid in their Gatsby-esque gala so I can have an excuse to get one of these darling dresses???)

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Jan 04, 2008.
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Cinematic Style for Your Wedding Video

Wedding videography has come a very, very long way since I started at Here Comes The Guide more than a decade ago. Gone are the cheesy fades and posed scenes, garish lighting and Comic Sans fonts (I’m not joking, I’ve seen it!). More and more, we’re seeing real filmmaking in this specialized genre. Now, rather than either laughing at or snoring through a wedding video, I am often amazed at the power that true artists can convey in a few short minutes.

articles_altOne true innovator in this field is Savadelis Films. Chuck and Jewel Savadelis have perfected the art of the cinematic style: they turn the story of your particular romance into a short film that you’ll adore. And imagine how great it would be to be able to share this kind of “wedding film” with your kids one day. I wish this kind of wedding film had been available when my husband and I got married. I think I actually would have spent money on videography if it had been.

One of my favorite videos of theirs is called “Memoirs of a Wedding”. Check it out. It gives me chills every single time. Jewel says: “This piece was filmed in the garden where scenes from “Memoirs of a Geisha” were shot. The most striking feature of this quiet garden is that something is always blooming. So, we took artistic license to make the wisteria bloom as the groom approached his bride. This one won the industry’s highest award, the WEVA Gold Creative Excellence Award, in 2006.”

I love companies who do truly groundbreaking, excellent work and Savadelis certainly does that each and every time.

Meredith Posted by Meredith on Jan 02, 2008.
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