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Some Enchanted Evening

I wanted to tell you about a recent wedding we heard of at one of our favorite Malibu private estates, Enchanted Sea Cottage. The expert design architect behind it all was Gianna Provenzano of Gianna and Company, and, let me tell you, she knows glamour. First of all, the couple was married on a private Malibu bluff overlooking the ocean (how’s that for making a statement?). To keep the focus on the natural scenery, Gianna placed natural wood chiavari chairs facing the ocean for the guests.articles_alt

The coolest part, though, was definitely the reception. The party tent had a clear top so guests could see the night sky, but the sides of the tent were draped with gorgeous white fabric (talk about glamour!). White fabric provided by fabric design company Pipe Dream Events and black rod iron chandeliers with crystals were hung from the top of the tent. The white dinner tables had sheer white chiffon overlays and modern vases with super-dark calla lilies and red rover mums. To add even MORE drama (and to create a subtle little visual link between the ceremony and reception), Gianna used mahogany chiavari chairs inside the black and white tent.

Outside the tent were two lounging areas, furnished with comfy white couches and ottomans. And (how Hollywood is this?): even the beach was professionally lit (by lighting pros at The Lighter Side, of course!). Very, very chic.

articles_altIf you’re planning a private estate wedding of your own, you probably already know that they often require more planning and coordination than other types of events. That’s where experts like Gianna Provenzano come in, to help steer you through the hurdles to private estate-wedded bliss. Gianna recently gave us a little advice for brides wishing to do their own shindig at a private estate. Click here to find out more about what questions to ask as you make your plans.

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Dec 30, 2007.
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A Casual Date at the Ferry Building

Everyone likes to talk about how stressful wedding planning is, but there’s plenty to enjoy. For example, looking for a wedding location gives you the excuse to try out different locales with a pre-wedding date—just the two of you. I was reminded of this last week as my husband and I shared some cozy bench time outside the Ferry Building. (Cheap date: we were craving the fig paste, arugula & CowGirl Creamery cheese sandwiches from Acme Bread, plus steaming cups from Peet’s.)

Anyway, I just love imagining having a wedding at a landmark like the Ferry Building—everyone is familiar with it, but you and your guests will be amazed to see that it can be even more glamorous with a wedding here.

view from the Ferry Building San Francisco

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Dec 27, 2007.
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Lip Service

Recently I attended a benefit concert by music legend Jackson Browne, and scored a pass to the VIP after-party. While downing a margarita (to help me get up the guts to introduce myself to the soulful songster himself!), I was discreetly pulled aside by a woman I didn’t know. Usually when something like this happens, it’s either because a) She wants me to know that I have lettuce in my teeth; b) She wants me to know I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe; c) She wants to know if my husband has a brother who is single.

articles_altHowever, this woman wanted information of a different sort: What make-up trick did I use to get such lustrous lips? She begged me not to “take it the wrong way” (I didn’t), but confessed that she had tried many lipsticks and glosses, to disappointingly mediocre effect. Would I share my beauty secret?

I did, and now I am going to share it with y’all (as my Texan co-worker Lisa would say): Lip Gloss by Thí Cosmetics. We’ve been championing these products as a source of natural glamour since creator Taylor Pham launched her innovative make-up line a couple of years ago. Originally designed with the Asian woman in mind, Thí Cosmetics are also favored by suntanned white chicks like me (and Sports Illustrated super-models!) who prefer their make-up be luminous rather than garish.

articles_altFor the VIP party, I blended in a dab of color on my lips, and then finished them off with a coating of Thí Lip Gloss in the shade of Lan. During a recent office photo shoot by wedding photographer Amy Carr, I used the same lip gloss on co-worker Julia to bring out her pretty pouting lips! The sheer, dewy glow of Thí Cosmetics is perfect for bridal make-up, so check out their website.

(And in case you are wondering, YES, I did meet Jackson…!)

Read more about Thí Cosmetics here and here.

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Dec 26, 2007.
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