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Save the Date

I love doing things with a slightly different twist for the weddings I am working on. I’m coordinating my friend Lucy’s wedding at Viansa Sonoma in May 2008 She wanted something fun for her “Save The Date” instead of the traditional paper announcement, so we decided to go with a magnet with all the pertinent info on it. Not only is it creative but it’s functional as well. I’ve gone to friends’ houses where they still have the magnets on their fridge from weddings years way in the past. articles_alt

The company we used was Pioneer Color.They had great pricing, tons of designs to choose from and they can do a custom creation. The final product was crisp and clear and had a nice weight to it. For 120 magnets we spent $200 and it cost $0.41 (the cost of the stamp) to mail them to her guests. Not too bad.

Helpful hint:  If you are sending out Save The Date announcements of any kind, you should make sure to mail them to your guests 6-9 months prior to your wedding.

Denise Posted by Denise on Oct 12, 2007.
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27 Dresses

Okay, I’ll admit it. While I often act like the best part of my job is helping people who are planning an event save time (and it has NOTHING to do with the whole froofy wedding part of it, thankyouverymuch!), I’m a sucker for a good wedding movie. And not just because I relish the low groan my husband emits whenever I mention I’d like to see one (ah, love). I just enjoy watching movie weddings and imagining how I would have done my own differently – while also secretly thanking my lucky stars my wedding is over!

After Grey’s Anatomy’s heartbreaking wedding finale last season, I’m glad to see at least one of the actors isn’t afraid to get back into her wedding glad rags and party onscreen. The adorable Katherine Heigl (that’s Dr. Izzie Stevens to you Grey’s fans!) is starring in 27 Dresses, coming out Jan 11, 2008 . The movie looks like a fun little diversion about that whole “always a bridesmaid” phenomenon. Consider my calendar marked (with a froofy pink heart….awwww).

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Oct 11, 2007.
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Quick Change

I had to share some more about the event I recently helped Instead of You with at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco:

articles_altOne of the things about that event that blew my mind was the set up and timing of the whole thing, which was executed by the talented staff at Paula Le Duc Catering under the watchful eye of Maxine Andrew, the coordinator of Instead of You, who oversaw the wedding. The ceremony and reception took place in the same room, so it was a complicated and intricate process to turn the space around quickly. The whole thing had to happen while the guests were enjoying their appetizers and cocktails, so we had just about 75 minutes to make the space perfect for the reception.

In order to do this Paula Le Duc Catering had set up all 20 round tables for the reception, complete with plates, namecards and stemware (!!), in advance. When the time came, they quickly and very, very carefully moved the tables into place and VOILA! Instant reception. They make it look so easy! Everything went off with out a hitch and the bride and groom were delighted. The photos, again by wedding photographer Sherman Chu, show the breathtaking transition from ceremony to reception.
articles_alt  articles_alt 

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