Stephanie Bush

Stephanie BushRegional Sales Manager
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Whether it’s pushing herself to the limit in a super-sweaty spin class or hunting down the best wedding venues around, Stephanie always gives 100%. Even though she’s a competitive tomboy at heart, we love that she’ll still waltz into the office wearing bright high heels and oversized earrings. A girl who can dish about weddings one minute and fill you in on the latest sports scores the next? Sign us up.

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Insider Info

Favorite wedding-related movie: The Wedding Singer. Who doesn’t want someone to write a song about wanting to grow old with you, then serenade you on an airplane? No one…the answer is no one.

Extracurricular activities: Eating, baseball games, and exploring the great outdoors.

Source of inspiration: My father. All my best qualities come from him…or me trying to be like him.

Most unrealistic life goal: Being a natural blonde.

Guilty pleasure: Gossip magazines—particularly US Weekly, anything to do with vampires, and Michael Bolton.

Childhood career choice: Opera singer. Unfortunately for me, I’m tone deaf. Unfortunately for my family and friends, I don’t let that stop me from belting out a song whenever I feel so inclined.

Celebrity I would most like to have a one-on-one date with: Jason Statham. Or Val Kilmer in his Top Gun days—we would play beach volleyball and frolic in the waves.

What pushes my panic button: Spiders, small spaces and coconut.

Work space décor: A large cup of coffee, way too many post-it notes, and an origami sailboat compliments of our sweet Maggie.

My favorite things: Fireworks, Ferris wheels, sports, champagne, traveling and my lab, Cairo.

Theme song: “Where The Green Grass Grows” by Tim McGraw. You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the country…

What I like most about my job: The incredible women I get to work with, and the fact that it’s my job to scout out gorgeous wedding locations all over this beautiful country.