Shannon Montero

Shannon MonteroRegional Sales Manager
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Don’t let her sweet exterior and winning smile fool you. Shannon is a sales and marketing ninja who basically broke every “newbie” record at Here Comes The Guide within her first week of working here. We attribute all that success to her upbeat personality and determination to get the job done…and she gets it done fast. Case in point: She planned her own wedding in less than 8 weeks and was still the most charming bride imaginable! Besides keeping all of us on our toes, she also keeps busy with a husband and adorable baby girl, is obsessed with adirondack chairs and lake living, and gets a thrill every time she checks something off her to-do list.

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Insider Info

Domestic status: Married with a spunky and adorable daughter (bonus: my husband cooks us amazing meals!)

My wedding in a nutshell: Teary eyed “I Do”s followed by a cozy, candlelit dinner party.

Favorite wedding moment: Honestly, it was during the actual ceremony. There were under 30 people there and it was really intimate with everyone just gathered around us. I loved saying our vows and seeing how emotional my husband got.

Dream honeymoon: An all-inclusive beach vacation would be just the right medicine to escape the day to day hustle. I imagine my biggest question every afternoon would be, “Margarita time or nap time?” Talk about a dilemma!

Guilty pleasure: To be able to sleep in past 6am, ever. Sweet, sweet sleep. Ah, those were the days.

What people most underestimate about me: I am incredibly observant. I notice really subtle moments and emotions that other people don’t always pick up on.

Favorite things: Coffee, trying as many restaurants as possible, wine, nature, animals, attempting yoga.

Favorite way to wind down after a long day: A nice long walk followed by a perfectly chilled glass of Chardonnay, please.

Pet peeves: Negativity with a side of negativity.

Work space décor: A vintage-y white desk with a few family photos, and turquoise printed curtains that make me really happy. Simple and clean with just enough “pretty”. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Most unrealistic life goal: Becoming a full-on yogi. My hamstrings just don’t agree.

What pushes my panic button: Scary movies. I can’t even watch the previews anymore. I’m a wimp!

Childhood career choice: An architect. I had sketchbooks full of elaborate house plans that I drew as a kid. I was really into it. Now, I binge watch HGTV to get my fill, and dream of building my own house one day.

Source of Inspiration: My amazingly kind, smart, and beautiful mom.

What I like most about my job: Being part of such a positive work environment, where everyone is appreciated and encouraged. Working with fun and inspiring women. Plus, at the core of it all, weddings are about LOVE, and that is something to celebrate.