Sarah Thomsen

Sarah Thomsen, Regional Sales Manager
Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

If Here Comes The Guide was the CIA, Sarah would be our secret wedding-industry agent. Having spent most of her career as a Catering Sales Director at major hotels and event locations from the West Coast to Vegas to New Jersey, she’s the savvy insider who’s able to divulge all the nitty-gritty details about the world of running a wedding venue. Of course, once we realized what a resource she is, we immediately went into debriefing mode! This girl knows how to juggle the needs of 10 brides in a week, while making sure her venue stays in tiptop shape and that all events come off without a hitch. You better believe she's got some problem-solving chops and plenty of experience using them! When she’s not helping us all be better versions of ourselves (both professionally and personally!), she can be found chasing around her latest challenge—her adorable 2-year-old, James!

Insider Info

I’ve been in the Wedding & Event Planning industry for over 12 years. After spending the first 9 of them working directly with brides/couples on their most special day, I now have an amazing job that allows me to put all the knowledge I gained to great use: I not only assist venues in finding couples that are a good fit for them, but I also help couples find their perfect venue—a win-win!

Guilty pleasures: I am obsessed with Bravo “reality” shows and their original series; cold Italian food—pizza, pasta, eggplant parm; and laying out on the beach or poolside for hours with a good book, conversation, and a cocktail.

Extracurricular Activities: I love to spend time with family, relaxing and creating memories. Although I’m mostly a homebody, I really like to travel, which makes coming home so much sweeter. And I love a good night in with the girls—I have the best group of girls in my life.

Domestic Status: I’m married to a Master Chef since August 2013, and while he doesn’t cook for us every night when he does it’s glorious! We have the sweetest boy, James, and are expecting our second little one this fall. Oh, and how could I forget our “first born”—our Maltese, Punky!

Best advice to brides: I can tell you all day where you can cut corners (without guests realizing you made budget selections), but the best piece of advice I got was from my brother. On my wedding day he told me to take my husband aside while everyone was dancing and enjoying the evening, and take it all in and be present in the moment.

Childhood career choice: I wanted to be a babysitter and live in a mansion in Florida. Well I live in Florida (sure, let’s call our house a “mansion”) and I have a 1.5 babies—so I guess all my dreams came true!

What I like most about my job: The incredible women I work with are beyond supportive, understanding, and all strive for each other’s success. Bonus—I get to check out gorgeous wedding venues all over the U.S. on the daily.

Favorite wedding-related movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding. The songs, the décor, the dresses, the drama, the pre-wedding activities—and it takes place in Chicago, one of the regions I manage—whoot, whoot!