Jessica Robins

Jessica Robins
Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]

As we suspected when we hired her, Jessica is a perfect fit for Here Comes The Guide. For one thing, the cool glasses she wears that make her look so intelligent aren’t just a fashion statement—she really is smart. For another, she’s at least as sassy as she is sweet, and has no qualms about voicing her opinions—a requirement for survival in our company! When it comes to her work, she’s meticulously organized and great at assisting clients with whatever they need. And although Jess suffers from an addiction (to KIND nutrition bars), she’s even turned that into a benefit for her co-workers by letting us raid her stash whenever we like. Yup, we definitely lucked out when she joined our team.

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Insider Info

Domestic status: Married to the hot, roller-blader I used to fawn over back when I was 15. We have a spunky, fearless daughter who thinks gravity does not apply to her, and 3 cats (despite my husband’s allergies to the feline species).

Best advice to wedding-planning couples: Don’t be afraid to be 100% honest with your vendors. They don’t just want your money and are in the industry because, somewhere inside, they enjoy making couples happy.

What needed to be included in my wedding vows: That I’d learn to cook and not get any more cats.

My wedding in a nutshell: It was all about what makes us “us”: Our closest friends played significant roles, I wore black-and-orange custom Old Skool Vans under my wedding dress, our first dance was to “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money, and we were announced to the theme song of The X-Files.

Marriage advice from the trenches: Don’t give up on each other, ever.

What pushes my panic button: Bees and being in the open ocean.

Extracurricular activities: Attending games and watching Bay Area sports, especially the San Francisco Giants (our daughter’s middle name is Posey). I also coach preschool, beginner, and intermediate recreational gymnastics.

“Walk-out” song: The Rocky theme song.

Most unrealistic life goal: Go the rest of my life without watching The Wire. I know it’s television’s “best show ever”, but we can’t watch anything on TV without my husband saying, “Hey! That guy/girl is from The Wire!” It seems like all other shows would be ruined for me, so, no thanks.

Childhood career choice: Veterinarian specializing in exotic animals and working at the Australia Zoo alongside Steve Irwin. Unfortunately, Steve’s untimely death, as well as some other events in my life, prevented this dream from happening. Plus, I switched my major to English.

What I like most about my job: Somewhere an over-stressed bride or groom, who had been obsessing over finding the perfect venue for days—weeks probably, found what they were looking for on our site. Now he or she can breathe a little easier and start enjoying the rest of the wild ride that is wedding planning. I know the feeling because I found my venue on Here Comes The Guide.