Cooper Schwartz

Cooper SchwartzStaff Support/Customer Relations

Cooper’s our unofficial mascot and inspiration at Here Comes The Guide’s Berkeley office. A consummate perfectionist, he prefers to focus on one task until he feels he’s succeeded; whether it’s playing fetch, chewing the nose off of his favorite stuffed toy “woobie,” or going for a nice long walk or run. Cooper loves being the only male member of Here Comes The Guide, and often greets his coworkers in the morning by dropping a stuffed toy at their feet, as his way of saying, “hi.”

Insider Info

Domestic Status: Single. I’m kind of into the cat I live with, but she’s just not that into me.

Best Advice to Brides: Don’t forget to play with your partner often to de-stress. A nice long game of fetch can work wonders after a long day.

Extracurricular Activities: Did someone say “fetch”? Also enjoy belly rubs, chew toys, and long walks on the leash.

Favorite Wedding Detail: The flowers. They’re my favorite place to pee.

Guilty Pleasure: Flirting with the Here Comes The Guide staff (they’re so cute!), chewing the noses off every stuffed animal in sight.

Celebrity I Would Most Like to Have Lunch With: Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer.” I think he’d really “get” me.

Favorite Way to Wind Down After a Hard Day: Curling up with my mom (Chief Operating Officer Meredith Schwartz) for a belly rub and cuddle time, doing 4-mile runs with Dad.

What People Most Underestimate About Me: I’ve been working at Here Comes The Guide since I was 3 months old. What were YOU doing at that age?

Fictional Character I Most Identify With: Verdell from “As Good As It Gets.” What can I say? People like to fight over me.

Breed: Purebred Boston Terrier

AKC Registered Name: The Count of Monte Cooper. My mom was reading The Count of Monte Cristo when they got me. I’m called Cooper after the Mini Cooper, one of my dad’s favorite cars.

Interested in owning a Boston Terrier? Make sure to read all about Bostons and the best way to find a reputable breeder at the Boston Terrier Club of America’s website. If you’re interested in rescuing a Boston, please visit Bostons By the Bay or Wonder Dog Rescue.