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Amy Sanderson, Regional Sales Manager Regional Sales Manager
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Being a retail store manager for several years taught Amy two things: to love helping people find exactly what they need, and how to handle the worst situations with ease. She also realized that humor has to be part of every workday, so making her coworker-turned-friends laugh is a top priority—if she has a chance to be silly, she’ll take it! Her silliness is often focused on the two people she loves most: her boyfriend and daughter.

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Domestic status: Ridiculously in love with the man she met playing a Tabletop Charity Event over a year ago—nerds unite! The mother of a sweet-as-sugar 6-year-old girl that’s also not afraid to wrestle around.

Most Unrealistic Life Goal: To live my life as a ski instructor at different resorts, moving from one to another as the snow melts! That didn’t pan out, but the path I took instead was much more emotionally rewarding.

What people underestimate about me: I can get very passionate about the things I believe in. If you don’t think that the differences between us make humanity beautiful, I’ll want to know why not.

Favorite quote: “We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.” Gayle Forman

A memorable wedding: I have three favorites—I can’t pick just one! At the first, a friend from high school had her wedding in Oregon outside on the grass. There was live folk music, which resulted in everyone dancing barefoot. The second was in Hawaii, where my college best friend grew up. I was pregnant with my daughter, and at the reception everyone ended up scream/singing music we all loved and dancing our hearts out. The third was outside on a hot day in Sacramento. The best man tackled the groom into the pool…and ev-er-y-one followed suit—including the bride. We all laughed like idiots and danced in the shallow end. I see a theme here-- *dance dance*.

Favorite way to wind down after a long day: All I need after a long day, no matter how stressful, is cuddles with my two loves.

Favorite culinary aphrodisiac: Pesto. Is. So. Delicious. I make my own varieties and use the most ridiculous portions in my food. Garlic is good for your immune system right? That’s totally why I use so much...

Celebrity I would most like to have a one-on-one date with: Tina Fey. No. Amy Poehler. No. Neil Degrasse Tyson. Wait! Paul F. Thompkins. Okay, this question is too hard to answer. I could list 5–10 other people. Pass.

Dream honeymoon: Ireland. Pub hopping, visiting castles, and listening in on strangers’ conversations to collect ‘data’ on mimicking their amazing accents.

Favorite things: Skiing, reading, tabletop gaming, D&D, video games, watching my favorite TV series/movies, walking around midtown Sacramento in the spring. Top any of those off with either a glass of red wine or a delicious IPA. The ol’ fun ‘n’ yum.

Guilty pleasure: Making a hearty brunch on Saturday, eating to the point of no return, and binge watching either a new or well-loved show/movie. Then, if we’re able to move before the Farmer’s Market closes, go buy pesto ingredients to resupply.

Childhood career choice: Be an astronomer and discover new planets. I’ve always been a huge Sci-Fi lover. There’s so much we don’t know!

What I like most about my job: That’s easy—the women I work with. They’re all so funny, kind, supportive, passionate, motivating. Did I say supportive? It’s worth mentioning twice. I also love helping people all day and incorporating my weird personality into my emails. This is the best job that I’ve ever had!

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